May 22, 2022 7:34 pm

Independiente sold Alan Velasco, his latest jewel, to alleviate the economic crisis

Both the technician Eduardo Dominguez as the sports adviser Daniel Montenegro -and a large portion of the fans- were convinced that this would be the semester of the explosion of Alan Velasco, the boy who reached the children’s categories of Independent with 9 years and will leave with 19. But the emergencies derived from erroneous management are usually more powerful than projects; and cold numbers, more eloquent than illusions.

The sale or not of the youthful striker, who had become the great topic of discussion in all the club’s forums, lived his decisive chapter, and in it he triumphed the need to lift inhibitions and have funds to incorporate players. Dallas FC, entity of the American MLS, will be held “the jewel”. It will pay 7 million dollars (Independent will have left clean around 5.6) plus another 1.7 million depending on whether it meets certain objectives and a capital gain of 15 percent in the event of a subsequent sale, an outcome that opens another new stage in the complex current affairs of Rojo. His career in the Red added 69 official matches and 8 goals. The last memory he left in the fans were the Two great goals for Talleres in the summer tournament that is played at the Estudiantes stadium.

Velasco leaves Izquierdoz behind in a classic against BocaInstagram @alanvelasco__

With Silvio Romero already installed in Fortaleza and Fabrizio Bustos practically sentenced to banishment from the rostrum by not accepting the transfer to River, the big question now is whether the foreign exchange income is enough to cover the undisguisable holes in the treasury of the club chaired by Hugo Moiano. Nowadays, five different lawsuits for almost 1.2 million dollars inhibit Independiente to register new soccer players to partially compensate for the holes left by those who left, and in principle the money from the sale of Velasco would give room to pay them off, but…

independent le owes 5.5 million dollars to America from Mexico for the pass of the Paraguayan Cecilio Domínguez, and the threat of receiving another inhibition request for that figure in the coming days is latent. If it happens, the accounts would revert to Red’s jersey color. At the Miter Avenue headquarters, they hope to dribble the inconvenience, either by appealing to the good relations that the Rolfi Montenegro left in the Aztec capital when he wore the coat of the Eagles; taking the case to the TAS to delay its execution, or perhaps paying some of the debt. In its day, it had been agreed to do it in several installments of 1.67 million. Independiente made the first one effective, but the second, from last July, never reached the current account of the Mexicans. A payment with the corresponding interest could unlock the situation.

Only if the club overcomes all these obstacles will Eduardo Domínguez have some new pieces to reassemble the puzzle of a team that To date, no one has been added. Damian Batallini and Elias Gomez, of Argentinos Juniors, could be the first to break the drought. The striker, on loan at Atlético San Luis in Mexico last year, would arrive on loan for one year in exchange for $250,000; and for the left side Independiente would invest 1.5 million dollars for 70 percent of the pass. In both cases, La Paternal makes sure that everything is arranged “by word of mouth”, and it is possible that Velasco’s money ends up channeling the negotiations.

Velasco arrived at Independiente at the age of 9 and emigrated at 19
Velasco arrived at Independiente at the age of 9 and emigrated at 19Instagram @alanvelasco__

Gómez’s representative is the omnipresent Christian Bragarnik, who also manages the destinies of Leandro Fernandez. In 2020, the Santa Fe striker left Independiente with freedom of action under his arm. He was not very successful in his time at Internacional de Porto Alegre and Nacional de Montevideo, he is without a club, and Bragarnik, aware of the need for attacking players that Eduardo Domínguez has, took advantage of the talk with the directors of the Red team to offer a return that the technician would not see with bad eyes.

Silvio Romero left, the future of Bustos seems sentenced, still They did not arrange their renewals Domingo Blanco, Carlos Benavídez and Andrés Roa, the three with a contract until June, and the debts are pressing. It is very easy to understand why Independiente decided not to wait for the long-awaited “explosion” of Velasco. Today, the King of Cups is worth more than a breath of oxygen than the most promising future.

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