May 22, 2022 2:00 am

He argued with his brother about an inheritance and denounced him for having a marijuana plantation

A 45-year-old man and his 19-year-old son They were arrested this Sunday in Mar del Plata for having a marijuana plantation at home, apparently in an amount “obscenely greater” than the amounts stipulated for personal consumption.

The incident took place after the older brother of the man, recently arrived from the city of Buenos Aires, will make the corresponding complaint.

As published by the newspaper The capital, both brothers would have maintained a strong argument was for an inheritance, and would have discovered that his brothers had a marijuana plantation in the backyard of the house they have in common in Naples at 4500.

After receiving the corresponding call from 911, personnel from the 5th Police Station were present at the scene, where they arrested those responsible and transferred them to Penal Unit 44 in Batán, accused of the crime of “possession of narcotics”, where they wait to be summoned to testify.

In the place, the police discovered 31 marijuana plants of about two meters each, for which the police intervened. Narcotics Prosecutor, by prosecutors Daniela Ledesma and Leandro Favaro.

As reported in the Mar del Plata media, the Narcotics Prosecutor clarified that “in no way” is the intention to criminalize possession for personal consumption, but that in this case, the 31 marijuana plants found “obscenely” exceed the established criteria, which are nine plants in an area no larger than six square meter.

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