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Gregorio Prieto and his work go online

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The work of Gregorio Prieto, one of the most influential painters of the generation of 27 —born in Valdepeñas in 1897 and died at the age of 95 in the same town—, can be enjoyed online this quarter through the museum’s website. And it is that this artist, who traveled the world and shared the vanguards of the time, will exhibit his work, focused on painting, drawing, to bring it closer to the general public.

Gregorio Prieto, who left Valdepeñas to train in Paris in the 1920s, would go through a period of nostalgia that would make him return to Spain where he admired and shared with the great references of Spanish art. In the Residencia de Estudiantes would meet Federico García Lorca in 1924, with whom he maintained a close and productive friendship until the assassination of the poet from Granada.

This fact, in addition to marking his life, would force him to go into exile in London, impressed by this event.

But not only García Lorca left him a great void. Also Luis Cernuda and some of the artists who lived in the complex on Calle del Pinar in Madrid. Luis Buñuel, Salvador Dalí, Emilio Prados and Pepín Bello, and artists such as José Caballero, Maruja Mallo or Benjamín Palencia who also frequented that environment.

So all this artistic and creative journey is preserved in the 17th century house museum that the painter proposed, as well as the start-up of the Gregorio Prieto Foundation (which he also directed and which he created in 1968), in charge of preserving and protecting his legacy. and promote various activities. The art gallery also houses works by Federico García Lorca, Rafael Alberti, Giorgio de Chirico or Pablo Picasso, among others.


Now the museum is undertaking the digitization of its permanent collection of more than 5,000 works. So far, 400 images have already been digitized in high quality format. The objective is to preserve the work, in addition to facilitating its dissemination through the museum’s renewed website, explains director Raúl Luis García.

Through this digitization, a total of 250 oil paintings, 90 drawings and more than 50 works of a photographic nature have been captured in great detail, among which the collages and photographic enlargements colored by Gregorio Prieto himself stand out.

The director assures that “the objective was not only to photograph with the highest possible quality the most well-known and important work of Gregorio Prieto —the portrait of García Lorca or his famous mannequins—, but also to bring to the public works that have been guarded for thirty years in the warehouses and that have been recovered for the renewed permanent collection».

As a preliminary step to the reopening of the museum, which will take place in this first quarter after a thorough remodeling and design of its rooms to isolate dampness and paint the entire building. In addition, changes have been made to the website, from where you can already enjoy this project by accessing the link

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