May 18, 2022 6:11 pm

Flor de la V debuted in front of Intruders: her blooper in the opening, the anecdote with Alejandra Pradón and the emotion in front of the review of her life

22 years after its inception, Intruders in the Show had a new beginning today: after a year with the duo made up of Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares at the head of the program, the management of Florence of the V. “Now yes, the one chosen to command intruders… Two powers come together. A multifaceted artist who demolished all prejudices, the popular figure of America”, announced the announcer. Sheathed in a white knee-length dress, with her hair down and eternal heels, the actress and brand new host entered the flat to dance, happy but also quite nervous about the challenge.

“Welcome to Intruders 2020″, it started, with a blooper, his first program. Error that she did not notice until her friends, after half an hour of sending, sent her messages to make her notice the mistake. “I thought they were going to tell me ‘Oh, how divine you were! How exiting. No. They tell me: ‘But are you stupid? You said 2020″, he counted, unable to contain his laughter. “Look what they noticed! But can’t you see I’m nervous?”, he asked with a panel also tempted to laugh.

“I can not believe it. If they threw the cards at me and told me about this wonderful present, I would not have been able to believe it”, I trust. After greeting the public and thanking the support, she said that she was calm all last week, but that yesterday she became very nervous about the new challenge. “I got up, I put on the kettle, I was having some mates and everything automatically started happening to me like a movie. Because I was going to take charge of this legendary program on the channel, which marked a milestone, a before and after in the show,” he assured.

At that time, he reviewed a hot anecdote that included Alejandra Pradón. To give it the status of a milestone in his life, the debut of intruders 22 years ago, he said he remembered exactly what he was doing that day. “I was in Mar del Plata working. My second summer season, with Marcelo Polino and Pradón. Pradon Expedition. Divine. She was completely nude because she had had an operation on her vagina so it was… Imagine! It was that. She premiered ‘la nena’ and it premiered intruders too,” he reviewed. “It was a bombshell.”

Excited by the responsibility of taking charge of the program, De la V thanked the directors, and especially José Núñez, said that he had made his debut on América TV and that intruders He went through his whole life, not only professionally but also personally. “Everything was covered by intruders.” At that time, the host presented a tape with a review of her life through the program. “A life story linked to intruders. Welcome Flor de la V”, prayed the graph, while the compilation reviewed her professional achievements but also her love story and her fight for trans rights and gender identity.

“Oh Lord. I was not prepared for this tape”, she said with tears in her eyes as she returned to the floor. “I am excited to have gone through the show at a difficult time, complicated for us, for diversity. Going back I realized how many doors I have opened”, he reflected, highlighted his achievements and was surprised to make his children Isabella and Paul go to the floor, who were behind the camera with Pablo Goycochea. “Today my children came to hold me up, which is the most important thing. Come give me a hug”, he invited them, and the boys appeared on the scene with Torito, the family dog. “I love you with all my heart,” he told them after hugging them. “The same with us,” the girl replied, and the entire studio sighed. “This is my life, it is a great pleasure to be with them every afternoon because they saw me grow up,” he announced, and gave rise to the start of the program.

Before the appearance of Florencia de la V on stage, the panelists who will accompany the host in this new stage entered the studio through the large central screen. Virginia Gallardo and Maite Peñoñori, the latest addition from last year, remained from the “Pallares Lussich management”; Lucas Bertero was the novelty in the panel of the cycle and Augusto Tartúfoli returned to the program after several seasons. However, all the applause went to Marcela Tauro, a historical figure of intruders, who left his chair in May 2020 after an awkward moment on air with Jorge Rial.

Florencia said goodbye to her first program with a huge bouquet of assorted white flowers on her desk that the channel’s management sent her, and she said that she felt very comfortable throughout the shipment. Then he made the pass with in the afternoon, a cycle in which he was a panelist until last week, when he had to isolate himself as a result of having tested positive for Covid. In dialogue with Karina Mazzocco, she said that they made her the proposal, that she thought they raised her The night of the V, the program of the night and that for now is for the month of February. “intruders It’s a seal,” she explained, and confided that she felt “splendid” today. “I thought I was going to have a quiet summer,” she laughed, but was grateful and happy for the opportunity.

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