May 23, 2022 8:33 am

Fertility as a national priority



The effectiveness of the measures can be discussed, but not the purpose of a program such as the one presented yesterday by the Community of Madrid to try to recover the birth rate and face the greatest challenge that Spain has faced for years at the regional level. The demographic winter and the crisis of generational change make the future of a nation unfeasible, more dependent on the situation, often artificial, than on its own survival in the medium and long term. Encouraging the birth rate goes through public aid and tax exemptions, but even more so through the economic stability necessary for young people, victims of job insecurity, to risk their future and invest in the creation of families that are the basis of society .

Not everything, however, is a matter of money. Faced with the culture of discarding, from abortion to euthanasia, revaluing human life is essential so that pregnancy ceases to be considered an obstacle and once again becomes an individual and social opportunity.

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