May 15, 2022 9:25 am

Facundo Campazzo against Detroit Pistons: the particular “defeating the bell”, his gesture of “finally!” and in what stopped being the worst in the NBA

Two games in a row without scoring even a point. Eleven consecutive failed triple attempts. The worst number of matches in the +/- statistic of the entire NBA In the season. The lost ownership and a loss of minutes on the court. Despite a couple of very good performances earlier in the year, Facundo Campazzo He had been going through in the last week his most critical moment in the best league in the world, with the date of February 10 looming on the horizon. What will happen that day? The transfer period will end, and the Argentine’s low performance in recent times began to install some fear of a departure from Denver Nuggets. In the context of a contract that will expire in June and with the traumatic and recent firing of Gabriel Deck in the Oklahoma City Thunder.

But one night Campazzo was Facu again. A weak rival Detroit Pistons (penultimate in the East), and the locality were the optimal context for the point guard to regain confidence. A couple of steals, a good proportion of shots at the hoop, the blessed triple that finally appeared and a spectacular action like those of his best times in Europe revived the rogue 7, active and effective that the Cordovan usually is.

“Facu so fast that all of you do not understand”

The most shocking thing appeared at the end of the third quarter. Campazzo is usually on the court at that point in every game, and in fact he usually takes care of the last shot, often a forced three-pointer attempt from more than half court that, wrong as it logically happens, worsens his already short distance effectiveness. In this case, he did something different. He had 4.5 seconds left, plenty to shoot but not enough to put together a play. However, the cunning driver managed.

He received a serve almost in his key, went down the center with the help of a screen from newcomer pivot DeMarcus Cousins ​​– he made his debut tonight in Denver –, accelerated, changed the ball from his right hand to his left, passed between Trey Lyles and Kyllian Hayes and, at full speed, he entered on a plate. He released the ball, the red lights on the backboard came on, and the ball landed smoothly and went over the net. “Facu!!”, shouted the television reporter. The bell was defeated. And the Nuggets led 92-76.

“Defeating the bell” a la Campazzo

But it would end up suffering, with a partial 113-111 with less than half a minute left in the game. Denver closed it out with a 116-111 that adds as much in the table as any loose triumph, and took more air in the sixth place, the last direct qualifying for the playoffs, in the West. Now with 24 hits Y 21 falls Y 53,3% in efficiency, he has some distance against the Minnesota Timberwolves (23-23), the Los Angeles Lakers (23-24) and the Los Angeles Clippers (23-25), who are now in the play-in (pre-playoff stage).

Campazzo did more things, beyond his 9 points (3/4 in doubles, 1/2 in triples), 3 goal passes, 2 robberies, 1 bounce Y 1 loss. For example, an unusual exchange of papers Nikola Jokic: the base escaped from a mark and with his 1.78 meters he only waited for a pass in the painted area, where the 2.11 pivot, from outside the perimeter, made him get the ball: double short of the Argentine. Earlier, smooth as a pickpocket, he surprised when he stole the ball from Rodney McGruder to start a fast break. Helped another new on campus, the shooter Bryn Forbes, when with a good assistance he left him well stopped for a quite feasible double. And he made a gesture of open arms and looked at the sky, as if exclaiming “finally!”, when he holed a three-point shot after those 11 successive misses over three games.

Campazzo’s hits vs. detroit

What’s more, he took off for the moment from the last position in an NBA stat. Campazzo was one of the two basketball players, out of some 500 in the league, who had more games in the season with negative balance in the item +/-, which measures the balance of points of a team while a certain player is on the court. Facu had a deficit in 35 of his 43 appearances of 2021/2022 and shared that amount with Saddiq Bey. This Sunday, with a +2 in his 19 minutes of action, left Bey alone in last place, who wears the jersey of … Detroit. The -7 of his opponent took the Cordovan out of that uncomfortable “leadership”. That one night he woke up from the little nightmare that was haunting him.

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