May 21, 2022 10:55 pm

Carnero highlights the beet campaign, the importance of the sector and the maintenance of aid in the CAP




The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development, Jesús Julio Carnero, highlighted on Monday the good data from the beet campaign, which with more than 20,500 hectares planted in Castilla y León, forecasts a harvest of 2.4 million tons and He recalled that the plants of the Community account for 85 percent of the milling of all of Spain.

During a visit to the Azucarera factory in La Bañeza, accompanied by the CEO, Juan Luis Guerrero, the mayor, Javier Carrera, and the territorial delegate of the Board, Esther Muñoz, Carnero stressed that the “firmness” of the negotiations carried out by the Board, in collaboration with the agents involved, on the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to try to maintain the current amounts received by the crop have made it possible to maintain aid “in percentages very similar to those received now”, in the different modalities.

“We can conclude that this crop is going to enjoy the same aid and it is not going to generate any disturbance for farmers, because they are becoming familiar with the eco-schemes», he said regarding the instrument that incorporates the new CAP and that consists of carrying out voluntary practices that aim to increase the sustainability of farms, informs Ical.

For the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development, the cultivation of beet “is well suited to the incorporation of young people and with the environmental practices that are imposed and the agriculture of the future. I wish you great success in the future», has added.

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