May 15, 2022 11:41 am

Brutal fight at the exit of a bowling alley in San Telmo: a young man was kicked in the head on the floor

About Eight young people staged a brutal fight this Monday morning after leaving a bowling alley located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of San Telmo and the scene was recorded by residents of the area who later shared the footage.

The attack between the boys It happened at 6:55 on the corner of Chacabuco and the United States, after graduating from a dance venue that is on the block. First, it is observed how one of the young people hits a blind at the same time that two try to calm him down before the eyes of two members of the City Police who do not intervene.

In another video, these three boys carry out a fierce brawl with others and two of those involved end up lying on the public highway. The most shocking moment of the contest was when a young man in a shirt took advantage of another in a white shirt who was lying helpless on the sidewalk and kicked him in the head that left him immobile.

From the balcony of a building, those who were filming the situation warned with shouts that they were going to kill him and the group dispersed. A few meters from that boy, next to a garbage container, another one was also lying as a result of the blows.

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