May 18, 2022 8:53 am

Be careful: you could meet Victoria Federica when you go shopping at the supermarket



Victoria Federica de Marichalar de Borbón is versatile. Suddenly you find her at an exclusive party dressed in spectacular designs, like in a
birthday surrounded by influencers
(like her), like enjoying a luxury vacation. But the daughter of the infanta Elena also does normal things, of which you and I would do and in the same places where ordinary mortals who do not have blue blood go. And we bring you all the evidence so that you can see that it is true, because we have caught
Victoria Federica and her boyfriend, Jorge Bárcenas
, running errands.

It is better to take the bags from home, but we are not going to object. – Lagencia-Crush

And what we tell you, that they go to the same places as you and me, normal and current supermarkets that you know very well and that you have surely stepped on more than once.

Well, they too, even if you see them every night leaving restaurants and in the fashionable places of Madrid. As you can see, they also fill the pantry, and in this case it is the GM who is in charge of go to the store and fill the car.

Strong intrigue to know what will be inside.
Strong intrigue to know what will be inside. – Lagencia-Crush

But do not believe that Victoria Federica got rid of going shopping, but did not dedicate herself to the contemplative life. The
favorite granddaughter (or so they say) of King Juan Carlos
she also had her mission that morning of errands, because we caught her loading boxes and putting them in the car. Goodbye sequins, hello comfortable and casual clothes.

When we see her stepping
red carpets and evening dresses
, we don’t imagine it that way, but life is hard and Vic, as her friends call her (we are not, but we also take that trust), she has no problem in make an overexertion from time to time. The less royal image of the influencer and the one we like the most.

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