May 15, 2022 3:59 pm

A woman died when a hotel in downtown Buenos Aires caught fire

One woman died and another person remains hospitalized with burns. as a consequence of a fire occurred this morning in a five-story family hotel, Located in the downtown Buenos Aires, a few meters from Obelisco.

The fire, whose causes are still being investigated, started around 1:30 on the third floor of a hotel on Lavalle Street at 900. Several firefighters worked, as well as the Special Group and the Special Federal Rescue Brigade and the SAME, according to police sources.

When help arrived at the building, the staff found a deceased woman in one of the rooms, police sources told Télam. Meanwhile, four children and ten adults were transferred to the Argerich, Durand, Penna and Fernández hospitals due to carbon monoxide inhalation. Another person remains hospitalized with burns at the Argerich hospital.

In the adjoining building firefighters also rescued three people who threw themselves from a few meters for fear that the fire would continue to spread and one of them broke a leg. In addition, they assisted a man who had been trapped on the terrace and had to lower him using ropes.

The 1 D Neighborhood Police Station of the City Police was part of the team that assisted in the fire and the investigation of what happened is in charge of the Criminal, Misdemeanor and Misdemeanor Prosecutor’s Office 17.

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