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Where to buy the best croissants on the Argentine coast?

Sweet, salty, historical, innovative. The half moons from the Argentine coast have a plus of “sea air” that enhances their flavor and, above all, the symbolic charge of having reached the long-awaited “days of relaxation”. Now you can get rid of the remains of the city and connect with everyday pleasure. That the greatest dilemma now is whether you go out with the mate loaded in the basket and go down to the beach or if you choose to have a good coffee looking at the sea.

In any case, what cannot fail is the quality of the product and for that we review the best places to get croissants for your next trip to the sea.

ARE medialunas

ARE medialunas

A legend in Mar del Plata. The brand was born in 1952 by the hand of Don Ángel García, a Spanish immigrant who began selling on the trains and who, after a few trips, discovered that this would be a prosperous tourist destination. It was then that he decided to settle down with his wife Pilar and summon a confectioner from his native land to work on the preparation of the croissants with him. In 1962 he opened the local Alfar area (G.Magrassi 4995), an icon that was recently relaunched and became an unavoidable stop for those who come to the beaches of southern Mar del Plata. Sao is also in other parts of the city and in February it will open two new branches, one on Alem street and another inside Paseo Aldley.

Among the croissants that are worth trying are those filled with Nutella and chocolate, in addition to the traditional ones with butter. They can be consumed on the spot or taken to the beach, just like the coffee you can order, which can be a traditional one or one of the variants prepared by the team of in-house baristas: Oreo, Cappuccino, Kit Kat, Latte and Mocha.

This season, a dozen croissants start at $550.


The Golden Fountain

The Golden Fountain, born in 1966
The Golden Fountain, born in 1966

The best coffee in Mar del Plata is in La Fonte de Oro. This is how the company that, since 1966, stands out in the city for its coffee and, of course, for its croissants, announces it from its networks. Currently the croissants are in charge of the renowned Andrea González, Patissière chef from the coastal city, pastry teacher at the IAG and winner of the VII Argentine Championship of Pastry Masters. His great friend Osvaldo Gross always praises his performance and, above all, his croissants that overflow with syrup.

From 7 o’clock you can go to breakfast or pick up fresh bills at any of the branches (there are more than 10). One of the favorites, without a doubt, is the one located on the sea at the corner of Urquiza and the coast.

croissants on the coast
croissants on the coast

At any of its meeting points, you can ask for coffee with milk promos with croissants and full breakfasts for values ​​that start at 420 pesos. You can also take the dozen butter croissants for $650.

Where: Urquiza and the coast (Playa Varese Branch)


(La) Boston

(The) Boston Croissants
(The) Boston Croissants

After the closure of the traditional Boston on Varese beach that had been open since the 1960s, the historic branch moved to the north of the coastal city; It retained the same charm and the same quality of service. Along with a coffee with milk, the average to spend for a breakfast in Boston is $500 per person. The quality of the croissants as well as the preparation of the coffee are still among the richest in the city.

Where: Constitution Avenue 4694

You can also know the branch of Buenos Aires 1927.


The giraffe

The giraffe, a croissant classic in Pinamar
The giraffe, a croissant classic in Pinamar

Located on the corner of Eneas and Rivadavia, it has been the meeting point par excellence for those who stay up late and wait to go to bed after a good breakfast for more than 50 years. At 7 o’clock, during the season, the doors open with the first batches fresh from the oven. At that moment the row of anxious people begins to approach. There are also those who get up early with the freshly prepared mate and loaded deckchairs to go to the beach for breakfast and take advantage of the day from the early hours.

A dozen is around $500

Where: Rivadavia 895. Corner Eneas

Hours: From 7 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

To visit them on the web:

Medialunas Manteka

Medialunas Manteka
Medialunas Manteka

It is a small place with one of the best productions of croissants to take away from Pinamar, located on De Las Artes y Toninas, open from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. There is a queue from the first hours, and every day the scene is repeated. There is no doubt that croissants are popular and those who try them always come back for more. Its customers usually highlight the brand not only for the quality of the product but also for the good service.

Where: at De Las Artes and Toninas


Churrería El Topo

In addition to churros, excellent croissants are offered at El Topo
In addition to churros, excellent croissants are offered at El Topo

The typical Gesell churrería deserves its place in this note for several reasons. On the one hand, because since 1968 it has been producing churros with unusual fillings that managed to push the limits of what was expected and conquer the palates of all ages. And on the other, because since the croissants were incorporated in 2001, the response of the public made them a new must-have in the city.

In El Topo, in addition to the classic churros filled with dulce de leche and pastry, you will find churros filled with Roquefort, cheddar, vittel toné, leberwurst or olives. There are also sweet style options (extra sweet) filled with nutella, chocolate, lemon or orange. And there is a suitable vegan option, with avocado or hummus fillings.

Emmanuel Sacco is 3rd generation and tells OHLALÁ! that “during rainy days the variety of tastes in churros and invoices are significantly expanded, with variants for vegans stuffed with avocado, hummus, lemon or orange as the salty fillings that escape the traditional proposal.” On the other hand, when the sun rises and the vendors go down to the beach with their baskets, the varieties -he says sincerely- are reduced and the demand is strongly focused on a classic: the ones filled with dulce de leche.

The historic site is still located in Av. Mar Del Plata Between 33 And 34., and has branches in Mar Azul, Pinamar, Valeria del Mar, Cariló and, in a short time, also in Mar del Plata.

In Villa Gesell it opens at 6 and in the rest of the coastal establishments at 7.

A dozen common and/or croissant stuffed churros has a value of $540.


Hugo Chocolate Sosa

Hugo Chocolate Sosa
Hugo Chocolate Sosa

It is the best option in pastry and artisan bakery in Miramar. The croissants, always tender and warm. The options in artisanal chocolate and sweet delicatessen are also a great attraction, and can be accompanied with coffee with milk or hot chocolate, from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. in any of the 3 branches, all in Miramar.

For Hugo, its founder, there is no better secret than dedicating time to what is done, love and respecting the original recipe. After trying one of their crispy, warm and non-cloying croissants (you can eat half a dozen without realizing it), all that remains is to reaffirm that they are the best in that seaside resort.

Hugo is one of those who consults the great pastry chefs of history, reviews the books with their recipes and puts them into practice with talent and responsibility. Without a doubt, a great place to look for quality croissants and, of course, chocolate delicacies that you will not believe.

Open from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. And from 3:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Where: Calle 35 N°1432

Also at Av. Juan Chapar 102 and Calle 12 between 17 and 19


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