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Wanda Nara was amused to see the remarkable resemblance of her double in Welcome aboard: “Which one am I”

True to his more than 10 million followers on Instagram, Wanda Nara he shares pearls of his life on a daily basis, between work and the moments of intimacy that he lives with his family. But in the last hours, the businesswoman reacted in a very funny way after seeing his double in Welcome aboard (eltrece).

A few days after debuting at the head of the program, replacing Guido Duck, Laura Fernandez He took to his Instagram account to share a photo of the wife and representative of Mauro Icardi, on the postcard you could see a woman identical to her, who participated in the cycle last Friday.

Wanda Nara’s reaction to seeing her resemblance in Welcome aboardCapture Instagram

The driver got into her Stories a collage of the famous and her double in which the resemblance of both women could be compared, and she consulted the eldest of the Nara sisters: “Wanda, are you?”.

Immediately, the too influence reacted to the question that the dancer made and replied: “Lauri, I don’t know which one I am”. For his part, he also shared the publication and thus demonstrated his good vibes before the young woman’s participation in the program.

Undoubtedly, the segment of the similarities of Welcome aboard (eltrece) has already become a classic on the channel’s screen. The entertaining thing is not only if the participants are the same as the celebrities whom they claim they look like or not, but also the comical reactions by the drivers, such as that of Guido Kascka when he saw the double of Lionel Messi or his surprise at seeing a woman identical to Shakira.

On this occasion, It was Laurita Fernández who provoked hundreds of comments in social networks after demonstrating his amazement at seeing Nara’s doppelganger. The driver opened the door with a smile that appeared immediately and He only needed to take a look at the participant to detect the resemblance.

A double of Wanda Nara went through Welcome aboard

Once the young woman passed through the door, the presenter asked her name and where she came from. “I am Nati de Laferrere”, he replied in a shy manner. With this scenario, the driver invited her to make a face or gesture characteristic of her famous version to make it easier to guess, and immediately, the impersonator perfectly imitated the pose that Wanda Nara performs in most of his photos from Instagram.

Although Laurita couldn’t help but be happy for having guessed so quickly, she didn’t express any comment in order to give Valentina and Francesca, the assistants of Welcome aboard, to hit the correct answer.

At first he wanted to know if the character he resembled had been involved in a scandal So big that everyone talked about it. After the contestant’s statement, she asked: “Do you like handbags, jewelry…? The shoes, your dressing room is gigantic. They are all beautiful children… ¿Sos Wanda? “. In response, the young woman said: “Yes, they burden me a lot. They tell me ‘Che Wanda, where did you leave Icardi?’”.

The presence of Wanda’s imitator did not go unnoticed on social networks where users also reacted to the novelty of the program. The similarity between the participant and the famous caused a waterfall of tweets from surprised people. “It does not matter. As soon as he entered, I yelled Wanda!”exclaimed one user.

Some of the reactions of Twitter users to see the resemblance of Wanda Nara
Some of the reactions of Twitter users to see the resemblance of Wanda NaraCaptura Twitter

Beyond the remarkable resemblance of Natalia and Wanda, there were those who assured that the young woman had similarities with another famous one. “The girl has something of Wanda, but I see her more like Barbie Simons”, said a tweeter.

This was not the first time that a double of the businesswoman passed through the study. Months ago, in the midst of the outbreak of the Wandagate -love triangle that included Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi and Eugenia “China” Suárez- a young woman went through the well-known door and claimed to be identical to the media. On that occasion it was Guido Kazcka who was speechless when he saw her. The young woman from Quilmes not only caused a stir among those present, but also unleashed a cataract of reactions on social networks.

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