May 16, 2022 7:59 am

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I am beginning to suspect, dear reader, that this year that we are launching is marked by an imprint of sarcasm in which each government official puts on a stern gesture, but laughs in our faces when he gives us explanations or wants to persuade us of the wonders of the current national and popular management despite all the evil that has been sown in just four years Mauricio Macri in this corner of the Great Homeland, to overshadow the successful history of Kirchnerism.

Less than two months ago, although it seems like an eternity, we were surprised when the vice president Cristina Kirchner He affirmed that it is his running mate with an office in the Casa Rosada who has “the pen.” At that time, the assertion sought to guarantee that Alberto Fernandez was empowered to decide whether to close the deal with the IMF and put “the hook” in the promissory note (millennials, see Google) that he proposed Kristalina Georgieva, already a little tired of so many sinuous conversations with Martin Guzman.

However, since PASS of 2019, many conjecture that Cristina Kirchner is the custodian of the black, blue, green or red ink cartridges, which must be used with her express but discreet consent. And more than one rogue infers that Alberto Fernández must send a cadet to look for the corresponding color in the office of the president of the Senate to sign the decision previously agreed upon at the Patria Institute.

At the beginning of the week that has just ended and while the person in charge of the PAMI unpacked the suitcase and decided which imam on the island of Holbox stuck on the refrigerator, some close friends of Alberto Fernández exultantly whispered in the Patio de las Palmeras that the pen with red ink was going to be used to give a signal that, if the presidential instructions were not respected, there could be severe consequences for who would rise up However, the spokesperson Gabriela Cerruti shattered any possible lesson, no matter how small, by maintaining that the topic was “finished” Y Luana Volnovich he could go on posting memories of his romantic vacation in peace. And, perhaps without wishing to deepen the suspicions that Alberto Fernández only signs resolutions with invisible ink, instead of giving an answer to the question of a former journalist colleague, he launched a philosophical doubt: “Why do you suppose that the President has to give instructions to someone?”

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