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Toledo pride and the fight against the pandemic




Two kids, Unai Sanchez de Haro Y Charlotte Arija Godoy, representing the present and the future, have been commissioned this Sunday, the day of San Ildefonso, to collect the Medal of the City of Toledo, accompanied by the archivist Mariano García Ruipérez, which will keep it in the Municipal Archives. This decoration, created by the City Council in 1926 with which extraordinary merits are rewarded or recognized, has been delivered this year, in an exceptional manner, to the entire society of Toledo that has fought in front line against the pandemic since the health alarm was decreed in March 2020. The awards were delivered in a ceremony held at the San Marcos cultural center to representatives of the health workers, doctors, nurses, assistants, warders, cleaning staff, pharmacists, veterinarians, police, civil guards, military, taxi drivers, firefighters, hairdressers, journalists , psychologists, social workers, teachers, funeral services, residence workers, Unauto, gas stations, the church, Red Cross, Caritas…

The mayor of Toledo, Miracles Toulon, spoke in his speech of civic and moral values, of kindness, of the best in people, «of those groups that are demonstrating that dedication and dedication are fundamental values ​​of society, of all those who gave light, warmth and hope in days of anguish». “A bunch of the best, honest, committed people with a sense of responsibility and people from Toledo who love their city and help their neighbors,” said the mayor, who sent a message of optimism on this special day of Saint Ildefonso, “to come out of this historical trance with strength.”

three decorations

In the act, decorations were also awarded, posthumously, to three very important people for the city who have been victims of the pandemic. In the first place, the Favorite Son of Toledo was named Manuel Santolaya Heir, architect and manager of the City Consortium, who died of covid in January 2021. His brother Jose Maria Santolaya, He emotionally collected the award and thanked the family for this recognition, which, he said, would have made him very happy for his passion for Toledo, which he combined with architecture and music. A recognition of his extensive career in urban and architectural matters, as well as for his generous and extensive professional dedication to the city in favor of historical and monumental heritage.

Star Maria Lopez Flores picked up, from the hands of the mayor, the recognition granted to her husband, Luis Pablo Gomez Vidales, as Adopted Son of the City of Toledo. A plastic artist, cultural manager and great promoter for years of the cultural life of Toledo, to whom the city recognizes his contribution to the cultural and artistic heritage of the city. “He always felt like a man from Toledo, he loved Toledo and he worked for the people of Toledo,” said his widow.

Finally, he was also named Adoptive Son of the City of Toledo Ignacio Alvarez Ahedo, municipal architect, in recognition of the vocation for public service shown in defense of the interests of the city, contributing decisively to its urban evolution in the last 35 years and the declaration of Toledo as a World Heritage City in 1986. His son Ignacio Álvarez Texidor picked up the nomination. He said that for his father this city was everything and he read, between tears, a beautiful poem that his mother wrote during the pandemic in which the great love that the architect had for the city was shown.

They have accompanied in the presidential table of this institutional act that has been developed in the San Marcos Cultural Center, the president of the Cortes, Paul Bellido; the government delegate, Francisco Tierraseca; the president of the Provincial Council, Alvaro Gutierrez; the delegate of the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha in Toledo, Javier Ubeda, and the Councilor for Education and Culture, Theo Garcia, who has been in charge of reading the minutes of the acknowledgments delivered in this act.

Together with them, members of the Municipal Corporation have attended the event, as well as representatives of the main civil, military and religious institutions of Toledo society.

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