May 21, 2022 10:32 pm

They killed a retired police officer during an attempted robbery in La Matanza

A retired Argentine Federal Police sergeant was murdered shot in the face by at least three criminals who tried to steal his car when he was driving through the Buenos Aires town of Rafael Castillo, a district of The slaughterpolice and judicial sources reported.

The incident occurred the night before last, around 8:00 p.m., at the intersection of Settino and Del Colegio, when officers from the 7th police station. from the Los Pinos neighborhood became aware of a person injured during a robbery.

Upon arrival at the scene, they found that a retired PFA first sergeant, identified as Abel Horacio Santa Cruz, 67 years old, was wounded. According to sources told Télam, Santa Cruz had parked his Toyota Etios in front of a kiosk when he was intercepted by at least three criminals who got out of a Fiat Punto. At that moment, the assailants threatened the victim, but the sergeant resisted.

One of the criminals shot him, causing the retired policeman a facial injury, for which he was rushed to Isidro Casanova’s Paroissien Hospital, where he was admitted in critical condition and died a few minutes later.

Prosecutor Federico Medone, of the La Matanza Homicide Thematic Instruction Functional Unit (UFI), ordered the survey of security cameras and witness statements.

It was established that the vehicle in which the criminals were traveling had been stolen in Rivera Indarte and Miro, in Villa Luzuriaga, also in La Matanza. Personnel from the Operational Tactical Group (GTO) of the Buenos Aires police and from the 7th police station. of Los Pinos is devoted to the identification and search of the suspects.

“They have already been identified,” a judicial source assured Télam, while waiting for the arrests to take place.

The last acting assignment of First Sergeant Santa Cruz was in the Security Division in charge of the Federal Courts at 2002 Comodoro Py Street, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Retiro.

This is the second homicide of a retired police officer registered in La Matanza in recent days. Last Thursday, Félix Emanuel Costa, 64, was fatally shot during the robbery of his vehicle in González Catán.

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