May 23, 2022 8:22 am

These are the reasons why Belén Esteban is considering leaving ‘Sálvame’



Bethlehem Esteban He went to the ‘Sábado deluxe’ program this Saturday to talk about the relationship that Antonio David Flores maintains with the reporter Marta Riesco, among many other topics that he revealed in the polygraph. A night full of sincerity and surprises was anticipated, but few expected that this weekend he would announce that there is not much left for him to leave television.

She has considered leaving ‘Sálvame’ on occasion, but she has not done so for her husband and daughter. «If I have not done it, it has been because of my husband, Michael Mark, and my daughter, because she loves ‘Sálvame’. He loves to see that I am not at home, because the house falls on me right away, “explained the” princess of the people “.

He assured that this year he was about to do it but in the end it was not like that, but that this decision is not far away: «Belén Rodríguez and Antonio Rossi know that this year I have been about to leave. I don’t want to say that I’m leaving now, but to me I have little left». The day you decide to leave, you will leave forever. He totally rules out participating in a new program: “The day I leave TV, I’m leaving TV.”

Between the motives For his departure, fatigue and his mother, who lives far away, would meet. “She lives in Benidorm and I haven’t seen her for months. there are people who need me and I have to be, I wouldn’t forgive myself.” He acknowledged, despite his words, that for the moment he will not leave and that he had just renewed with La Fabrica de la Tele, where he has been for twelve years. “I feel very well valued and paid,” she said.

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