May 18, 2022 6:14 pm

The politician is a shark

My problem with politicians is that, whether they are from the left or the right, I don’t believe them at all. Why don’t I believe them? Because, eager to come to power, politicians believe in nothing. I mean: they believe in such or such ideas, they defend such or such convictions, they present such or such plans, not because they are genuinely convinced of all that, but because it is convenient for them to embrace said ideas, convictions and plans in order to persuade us to vote for them and arrive to the power. So, if the politician notices that his ideas, convictions and plans no longer serve him to come to power, and they are a hindrance or a burden, he will not hesitate to get rid of all that and change his ideas, convictions and plans, according to moods and expectations of us citizens change. This is the first thing we should know about a politician: he has no ideas, he has ambitions; he does not defend a doctrinal body, he defends a body, his own; he is not guided by principles, his compass is to win elections, come to power.

Does the politician want to come to power to serve others, to improve our lives? No, what an occurrence, it would be childish innocence to believe that. They will tell us, of course, over and over again: that they are sacrificing themselves for us, that they dream of seeing us happy, that they will not rest until they see us happy, prosperous, fulfilled. But all this is a colossal lie, a chain of more or less persuasive lies. What the politician wants is not to serve us, but to serve himself. What he wants is not to improve our lives, but his own. What he dreams of is not raising our salaries, but his own, so meager. Ultimately, what he wants is not for us to stop being irrelevant, but for himself to stop being a nobody, a clueless subject with no future, a creature lost in the rough sea of ​​his ambitions, an upstart that no one serious company would hire, because it lacks the merits to do so.

In other words, the politician is usually a loser who dreams of being a winner, but knows that, in the world of business or art, science or ideas, academia or entertainment, he does not have the palest future, because he lacks the intelligence, inventiveness, genius and brilliance to succeed. The politician then knows that, as he is mediocre, as he lacks graces and talents, as he is crude and hateful, it is convenient for him to get involved, elbowing, shoving and kicking, into the almost police world of fights for power. Since he is a moron, a jerk, the politician knows or intuits that he will never have, by chance, without cheating, the power of money, the power of art, the power of ideas and words, the power of inventors of science So, with the ethics of a hungry shark, of a piranha impatient to feed on our blood, he gets involved in politics, joins a party, defines himself as left or right, runs for public office: mayor, governor , congressman, president of the nation.

But, when running for public office, does the politician know what he will do, should he be elected? Are you really prepared to govern, to command, to legislate? Do you have enough experience? Have you designed a minimum course, an action plan? Let’s not be naive: when politicians run for public office, what they really want urgently is to stop being a nobody, get out of disgraceful anonymity, appear in the newspapers and on television, feel important, tell their mother and his wife who has interviewed him on a television station, a newspaper, a radio station, a gossip magazine. This is the first thing a politician needs, even before winning elections and coming to power: to feel important, to stop being irrelevant. When they put a microphone in front of his slimy mug, he begins to feel that he has succeeded, that he is climbing the slippery ladder of power, that his friends at school will now see him as a winner and not the dandruff jerk he always was. Ah, how wonderful it is to be a politician, you will think then: I appear in the newspapers, I appear on television, they ask me my opinion, suddenly my life has become relevant, suddenly I rise above my peers, I fly higher and I even seem a wise man, damn

But the worst is yet to come for us, the citizens. Because that mediocre and opportunistic politician, crude and hateful, devoid of graces and talents, will win the elections, much to our regret, and then, devastated, we will ask ourselves: how is it possible that there are so many people who voted for that crude and hateful politician how well does it represent it, how clearly does it embody it? Then the politician, who is good for nothing, a sum of unbridled greed and ambition bordering on crime, a nervous wreck, a machine for telling lies, lies and falsifications, will have come to power, elected by the majority, by the idiot most. How scary: suddenly, that guy has power, he has the power to improve our lives, but, above all, to make them worse, he has the power to take money from us, to fleece us, to empty our pockets: every self-respecting politician is, by definition, a jerk, a jerk, and he lives off the money he pulls out of us the hard way.

Is the politician then prepared to occupy power, to have power? No, of course not: as he is an upstart, an opportunist, an improviser, he has no idea what he will do as soon as he comes to power. Then, already seated on power, that is to say seated on ourselves, the citizens who pay their salaries, privileges and golleras, the politician will not follow his convictions or his ideas, because he lacks them, but what the promiscuous voices of vanity, ego, greed, ambition. You will want to have more power, amass more money, appear more often on televisions and newspapers, travel the world as much as possible and by presidential plane or in first class and staying in five star hotels, that is your great opportunity! to know the world, there will be no squandering it! Therefore, it is good to know that the politician, already savoring the sweetness of power, will strive to stay in power as long as possible, even changing the laws, circumventing the constitutional limits, running over or closing the opposition congresses, persecuting their adversaries. Whether from the left or from the right, with a democratic disposition or a bossy spirit, acclaimed or unpopular, the politician will surrender to all the traps, tricks, tricks and angurries in order not to leave power and, incidentally, if he is a professional politician, to put your hand in the public money box.

It is not that the politician was born a thief nor is he condemned to be one. But, when he comes to power, he owes so many loans and favors, he must compensate so many donors and taxpayers, and above all he must lift himself out of abject and lacerating poverty, that he will be immediately tempted to think that public money belongs, why not , those who hold public office, and that he has made so many efforts and sacrifices to get to that position, even risking his life, that now he deserves some bonuses, some gratifications, some below-the-table or under-the-radar pay, because the salary of president, governor, mayor, will seem meager, emaciated, little, an unfair salary that he will have to reinforce with his bribes, his commissions, his shark or piranha appetite. Then the politician will not feel that he is stealing, or harming anyone, or committing a crime. No, no, no way: he will feel that he is acting with absolute justice, because he deserves not only to be powerful, but also to be rich, thus ensuring that, when his days in power are over, he will have a profitable, peaceful retirement, and it will have the resources to, if anything, persevere in political adventures. That is to say that the politician, when he sees so much money around him, when he notices that the opportunities to put his hand in the public money box are so many and so simple, when he is convinced that in that country and in that profession everyone steals and no one gets caught or goes to jail then he ends up stealing because if he doesn’t he feels like a moron, an idiot, someone who wastes opportunities and doesn’t know how to think about his future, those trains of sudden riches don’t run! so often and you have to climb them without hesitation!

All this then configures the DNA of a politician, his very essence: he has no ideas or convictions, but greed and ambitions; He has no graces or talents to excel in private undertakings and, as he is mediocre, he throws himself into the swamp of public life; he doesn’t know what the hell he’ll do when he comes to power, but he’s impatient and desperate to get there to feel important, to go down in history; and once seated in power, he will improvise poorly or worse, depending on what his ego and vanity dictate, his low passions, his vengeful impulses, his pretensions to greatness, his childhood traumas, his addiction to applause and flattery; and sooner or later you will see that everyone steals and it is so easy to steal, and they will offer you juicy commissions in exchange for bids and public works, and finally you will be able to smell how good a million dollars smells, and then, it will be inevitable, you will end up putting the hand in the public money box, will end up stealing for the good of the country.

The politician is a shark, a piranha. He lives from us, from our blood. It forces us to give you a substantial portion of our money: at least a third and sometimes up to a half. We cannot stop giving him that leonine part of our money: the politician forces us to do so. We can choose a book, a concert, a movie; we can choose a soap, a deodorant, a shampoo; we can choose some shoes, a shirt, some pants; we can choose an airline, a hotel; we can choose, with luck, a car, a house. But we can’t choose whether or not we give our money to politicians. We are bound. The laws that they have written subject us to this fatal coercion, this vile extortion. Therefore, we must see politicians as our enemies, whether they are from the left or the right: they will lie to us so that we trust them, they will take a third or half of our money, they will wrongfully keep the money that was ours and, for Unfortunately, they won’t get caught, and even if they do get caught, they won’t go to jail.

So, when we go to vote, let’s remember that all politicians are opportunistic and improvised, crude and mediocre, ugly and morons, and that everyone, everyone, wants to rob us.

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