May 22, 2022 4:43 am

The knife of truth

What is the advantage for the common good of Argentines of formally aligning our country with the dictatorships of China, Iran and Russia? How do official sympathies for Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela?

Unclear alliances result for the common people in a flood-based nation, made up of immigrants who came to our lands to seek work and form families, attracted by an institutional system that offered them equal rights as nationals based on durability. of the republican principles of our Constitution, such as individual rights and the division of powers, among others. On them they built the national building and cemented the values ​​of the middle class: work and effort, saving and investment, merit and progress, reward and punishment. Equal opportunities, based on the educational achievement, became a reality. Between 1890 and 1910, Argentina was the country that grew the most, reaching the sixth PBI per capita on the planet, behind England and ahead of Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Denmark.

In a 180-degree turn with respect to traditional allies, our country now weaves ties with nations where human rights are violated, the political opposition is persecuted and the division of powers is canceled by governing in an authoritarian manner.

This same nation, in a 180-degree turn, now weaves ties with countries where those principles do not apply, human rights are violated and the political opposition is persecuted. In the case of China, as we have repeatedly pointed out in this editorial column, that world power based on a regime as authoritarian as it is opaque, is not limited to the plane of commercial relations, but rather expands its sphere of political influence through enclaves in places strategic like Argentina.

The case of Iran is grotesque. A fundamentalist theocracy that denies rights to women and where “exemplary punishments” for violating Islamic law can reach public flogging or stoning, amputations and forced blindness. The conclusion of the pact, in 2013, by which a “Truth Commission” to investigate an attack such as the AMIA, still unresolved despite being the one that claimed the most lives in our entire history; the complaint and subsequent murder of the prosecutor Alberto Nisman, and the recent presence of Mohsen Rezai –wanted by Interpol, accused of having been the intellectual author of the terrorist attack against the Jewish mutual–, together with the Argentine ambassador, at the inauguration ceremony of the Nicaraguan dictator, Daniel Ortega, make up an unprecedented institutional mockery, which is now belatedly sought to be repaired by demanding his arrest.

The presence of our ambassador at the inauguration of the Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega before one of those accused of having been the intellectual author of the AMIA bombing has been an act of unusual vileness on the part of our Government, an unprecedented institutional mockery and an offense against all Argentines

Russia, where Vladimir Putin governs in an authoritarian manner since 2000 with pretensions to perpetuate itself beyond 2024, it can contribute little to our country, despite the “strategic alliance” and almost personal established by Cristina Kirchner in 2010, ignoring the homophobic nature of his regime, the disappearance of opposition leaders and the control he exercises over Parliament and Justice. It recalls the 1977 treaty between the military dictatorship Argentina and the USSR that made it possible to block the investigation promoted by the Democratic government of James Carter in the United Nations about human rights in our country.

As for Cuba, from the international political meeting known as the Tricontinental (1966), only provided us with armed subversion during the 70s and never paid the credit granted by our country, in 1974, to export vehicles to the island. Like the USSR, it was also an accomplice of the Argentine military dictatorship for reasons of mutual convenience. However, the sympathies of Diego Armando Maradona and Cristina Kirchner by the Castro regime do not translate into any advantage for the rest of the Argentines, except for those who like to vacation in Varadero, drink mojitos in La Bodeguita del Medio or get cured in the Cimeq clinic, as Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales or Florencia Kirchner.

It is clear that the “advantages” that the Kirchnerist governments find in allying themselves with the worst dictatorships in the world respond to pragmatism that privileges “strategic” associations that do without any kind of moral evaluation

Regarding Venezuela, in times of Chavez, it lent funds to Argentina at a rate much higher than that of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), while sending “black” money in suitcases for the presidential campaign of Cristina Fernández. We already know the system of returns set up by the “parallel embassy” of July of Vido and the group Levy for money laundering through overcharged exports. Currently, nothing can contribute to Argentina, except for the Venezuelans who emigrate to our country. It is a failed nation, which has expelled seven million people, about 22% of its population.

What are the advantages of that alignment with the world’s worst dictatorships? There are several explanations in the inkwell of our Chancellery: pragmatism, which privileges strategic advantages regardless of ideologies or values ​​at stake, non-interference in internal affairs to justify silence in the face of human rights violations, circumstantial convenience, to gain support in international forums or any other opportunistic reason than letterhead can resist.

But, in this case, it is more useful to resort to William of Ockham (1280-1349) a scholastic philosopher who immortalized the “principle of economy”, also called “Ockham’s razor”, to guide philosophical and scientific research, according to which, “Other things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the most likely.”.

“Go for everything”, “legitimate justice, “judicial reform; The theory of “lawfare” are nothing more than rogue resources aimed at destroying the division of powers by jumping the fences of republicanism in order to ensure impunity for the commission of aberrant crimes against the public administration

The countries preferred by Kirchnerism do not have the economic system in common, since there are capitalists, such as China, Russia and Iran; socialist, like Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia, and communist, like Cuba (defined as the “Socialist State of Workers”). However, they share the absence of the rule of law, the lack of individual liberties, the violation of human rights, the lack of independent justice and the perpetuation of their dictators.

In short, the preference for these autocracies, according to “Ockham’s Razor”, does not seem to be the result of a foreign policy that favors long-term national interests, but rather for a very simple reason: Cristina Kirchner’s personal interest in reproducing, internal level, the same institutional architecture that rules in those nations, to ensure their impunity and nothing else.

Allying with the worst can only lead Argentina to deepen its decline, transforming it into a failed nation

The vice president was explicit when she argued that the division of powers was a monarchical hindrance created by the French Revolution to preserve privileges of the aristocracy. In addition to being wrong, since this republican principle was introduced, for the first time, in the United States Constitution, of 1787, and not in France, forgot that it constitutes the foundation stone of liberal capitalism, as it is known in the West. Without division of powers and without judicial independence, Argentina would resemble China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela or Nicaragua.

If any doubt remains, his proposals to “go for it all”, “legitimate justice”, “judicial reform” or the theory of lawfare, added to the attacks against the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, only confirm that simple interpretation, which does not require many academic disquisitions, nor rereading of Cooke, Puiggrós or Santucho.

The network of returns and corruption did not appear as an objective of “national socialism”. When money speaks, theorists are silent and their doctrines implode. When the evidence accumulates, Ockham’s Razor shaves the story and relentlessly exposes the truth.

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