May 17, 2022 1:48 pm

The ‘gonzalist’ Villarino defeats the PSdeG apparatus in the Orense primaries




Rafael Rodríguez Villarino clearly prevailed this Sunday in the PSdeG primaries in Orense the mayor of O Barco de Valdeorras, Alfredo García, and revalidates his position as provincial general secretary for another four years. In a broader reading, it gave oxygen to ‘Gonzalismo’ in its lowest hours, with former leader Gonzalo Caballero cornered in the Parliament of O Hórreo, by imposing himself on the candidate of the apparatus headed by the secretary general, Valentín González Formoso.

Villarino he got 709 votes, to Garcia’s 516, according to the provisional count. It was a resounding victory, with almost 58% of the supports, and a participation of 79% (1,239 votes; with eight blank and six invalid). In the capital, in the city of As Burgas, Villarino obtained 330 votes, to 240 for the councilor of O Barco.

In the regional primaries, the victory in the province, although insufficient in the global calculation, went to Caballero, with 54.3% of the votes, compared to 44.5% for Formoso. This, however, prevailed in the capital, with just over 52% of support.

After congratulating the other contender, Villarino stuck out his chest: «The militancy has just shown, both in the city and in the province, in an undeniable way, that supports the party model of these last four years», with the «same proportion» of support for his candidacy in the capital and province. A party that he sees “strong and cohesive.” «It is indisputable that the model is supported, the party is united», he claimed again in a ‘hot’ assessment before the press.

“Of course, the maximum possible,” he said when asked if he would integrate the rival candidacy into his project. He promised that the party in Orense, with him at the controls, will be “generous and altruistic.” And he riveted: «Our enemies are not in this party, our enemies are at the head of the Diputación de Orense and at the head of the Concello de Orense».

«little to say», the defeated candidate began his brief assessment before the media, just after congratulating the winner, because «courtesy does not take away from courage». “Nothing to say, we have lost, we lost completely,” assumed Garcia, who understood that the militancy had said, at the polls, that “they like how the game is» and that «they preferred to continue to be directed by the current leaders».

«Life goes on, the game goes on», added a resigned García. «The party is not two people, it is not a specific person. It doesn’t stop, it continues. And I hope you continue on the right path. I hope that the primaries are for the good of all, “he added in a brief intervention. Additionally, he was asked about a possible integration and replied that «integration is always done by the one who wins; we’re going to wait what is done, what is proposed and what is put on the table”, to add that he had no further information on the matter.

Caballero quickly went to social networks, as soon as he was informed of the result, to convey their congratulations to Villarino for the “majority support of the militancy”, which will allow “to continue advancing in this province”.

Pontevedra did not vote

The calendar marked that this Sunday the militancy of Pontevedra also voted in primaries, but the ballot boxes were not even taken out after the white smoke, in the middle of last week, between David Regades, Abel Caballero’s man, who has been provincial general secretary for four years, and the ‘gonzalist’ deputy Paloma Castro. Both sealed an agreement just as José Tomé and Xosé María Arias had reached a couple of days earlier in Lugo, which left the process of renewing provincial power very decaffeinated. In less than 48 hours, half of the primaries were called off.

«The agreement was simple because we are all partners and share a vision of the world and a passion for our acronym. We came out reinforced», proclaimed Regades. “We will work for a strong provincial structure, where we all have space,” added Castro. In Lugo, the PSdeG celebrated that, since Arias had accepted the vice-secretaryship, “a consensus that guarantees unity and strengthens the party, and that responds to the majority sensitivity within the militancy of the province, that there was no voting process and integration was achieved as the best formula ».

For now, Galician socialism now only has one call to the polls left. will be the next Sunday, with the secretary general from A Coruña in contention. The winning hand points to Bernardo Fernández, mayor of Pontedeume and dolphin of Formoso, with whom he acts as spokesman in the Provincial Council. On the other side, in the province of the general secretary of the PSdeG, another deputy related to Caballero, Noa Díaz.

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