May 14, 2022 3:44 pm

The Civil Guard registers the home of a detainee in the case of the missing person in Traspinedo




The quiet residential area of ​​Traspinedo (Valladolid) seems to remain oblivious to everything. Here and there, among the grass, pines and stumps, have grown uneven and spacious estates, and also labyrinthine private roads. A couple of Civil Guard patrols stand guard at the entrances to one of them: their colleagues from the Central Eye Inspection Team (ECIO) take advantage of the daylight hours on Sunday, while everyone rests or walks, to search thoroughly in one of those chalets, which belongs to the man arrested just a few hours earlier, on Saturday night. It has not yet been revealed who it is. “We have indications of his possible participation in the disappearance of Esther López de la Rosa,” only Lieutenant Colonel Peña has indicated.

An advance in the investigation that does not exclude the rest of the routes of the same, the sub-delegate of the Government in Valladolid, Emilio Álvarez, has hastened to confirm. “All the means will be used to clarify it as soon as possible,” he promised.

However, the search could “prolong for several days due to its thoroughness,” the official has anticipated. Since the disappearance of the 35-year-old woman, on Wednesday, January 12, several raids have been organized to find it, with more than 300 participants in each one, brought together thanks to citizen participation or Civil Protection, as reported by the mayor, Javier Fernández.

Suspect’s Registered Home Entrance – F. WHITE

Drone and underwater unit

Now, the agents do not rule out a ‘background’ job and have asked for reinforcements, without daring to rule out any hypothesis at the moment. This Sunday A drone has been incorporated to track the most inaccessible areas, and it is expected that underwater units will join the operation in the coming days, as the Douro River meanders near the area.

Although the determination of the people to move heaven and earth has not changed, the days weigh in the spirit of the neighbors, even in that of those who hardly knew her. “Let’s see if it shows up soon, and live,” one of them wishes. His little house is not far from ground zero, but he, like other residents, only comes on weekends, so he leads a very independent life.

The reconstruction of the events suggests that Esther would have lost track of her that Wednesday, almost at dawn, although there are some “contradictions” in the testimonies. He went to see the Super Cup with some friends and then he was at the home of one of them, to return home in the car of one of the boys. According to that witness, they argued because she did not want to return yet, and she got off at the intersection of the N-122 in which is the bar restaurant La Maña. His parents raised the alarm when they saw that time was passing and his cell phone remained disconnected. “The strange thing was that he did not call,” insisted his father, Miguel López, a few days ago.

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