May 17, 2022 6:55 pm

Russia and Ukraine



When the cretinizing mass media refer to the Ukraine, they tend to ignore an unimportant detail. The entire Ukrainian Levant up to Kiev is not only part of Russia, but is the historical cradle of Russia. Coinciding with the dismantling of the Soviet Union, inept rulers like Yeltsin or puppets of foreign interests like Gorbachev allowed their homeland to be dismembered and put up for auction; In this way the independence of Ukraine was proclaimed, where along with western territories annexed by the Soviets there were regions founded by Russians, back in the mists of time, and later won with great bloodshed from the Turkish invader. Ukraine’s amputation is as painful for Russia as

it would be the amputation of Catalonia for Spain; and much more painful still is that Russia has to accept that in lands that have been its historical cradle, NATO installs military bases and places missiles aimed at Moscow.

To calculate the humiliation that Russia is suffering, we would do well to imagine that tomorrow Catalonia, taking advantage of our economic collapse, declares independence with the support of foreign powers, which in addition to imposing a puppet government are dedicated to placing missiles on the border, aiming at territory Spanish. Russia suffers this humiliation patiently; but he dares to warn that the incorporation of Ukraine into NATO would have “serious consequences”. Can anyone in their right mind criticize Russia for demanding minimum guarantees for its security? If the United States has the ‘right’ to place nuclear missiles on Russia’s border that could volatilize Moscow in a heartbeat, couldn’t Russia justly place as many in Cuba or Venezuela? Which, by the way, are not a border territory with the United States, nor is it its historical cradle. Special mention deserves the pitiful lackeyism of Dr. Sánchez, such a wimp and ass-licker of the United States as Aznar once was. Doctor Sánchez has tolerated the most hostile attitudes of Morocco (from the appropriation of territorial waters to the massive shipment of population) without receiving any help from NATO; now, however, he sends a frigate to the conflict zone, in true sepoy style. How many demonstrations would Dr. Sánchez be leading if this frigate had been sent by a government headed by Aznar or Rajoy? And since the United States won’t even let him put his feet up on the table, the poor wimp orders his publicists to record him making a fool of himself and being tacky on the phone, like a Gila dressed by Emidio Tucci.

Solshenitsyn was right when he wrote: ‘There is no hope in the West; what’s more, we should never count on it. The excess of well-being and a polluting atmosphere of shamelessness have atrophied his will and judgment. Hence, it is convenient to always remember the prophecy of the monk Philotheus: «Byzantium is the second Rome; the third will be Moscow. When this falls, there will be no more.

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