May 14, 2022 4:40 pm

Round trip


Dear Chiron. I was born on 12/17/74 at 9:00 am in Tandil. I am going through a stage of many distances and the strange thing is that they do not depress me but I am ten points. Explain it to me, if you can, because I was always a person to get upset with cuts. Love, Vanessa

Hello Vanesa. It is very explainable because not only are you a Sagittarian – independent, free, positive – but in that sign you have several planets. And, more importantly, the Moon and the Ascendant are in Aquarius, another sign associated with freedom, change, openness. I would tell you that going your own way is vital for you, as important as breathing. Jupiter in Aquarius and Saturn in Aquarius are generating that release. Let go without guilt, what is going had to go. A strong kiss. Chiron


Chiron. I’m in a weird moment. I inherited a house and I’m going to move there, to Tigre. I leave my neighborhood of all life. I suppose it will be fine but I wonder if the planets say something else. I was born on January 28, 1966, at 1:15 am Thank you. Baby

hi baby You are from Aquarius, with Moon in Aries and Ascendant in Scorpio. Vivacious, active, intelligent, sociable, with a destiny that puts you in touch with deep emotions and the dark, secret, forbidden side of life. Jupiter touched your Sun and is approaching your Moon. Nothing can go wrong with those transits! New house, new life. I wish you good luck. Chiron

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