May 15, 2022 2:49 am

Renovate your environments: how to make a perfect circle on the wall?

In addition to the colors that are becoming fashionable in each of the seasons, the decoration is also marked by trends in style. Without being novel (some decorators have this mind set for years!), the possibility of renovating an environment -without this meaning discarding everything we have- is key. Sometimes it is about painting a wall in a color that we really like and other times about rearranging our furniture and adding some new elements.

In that sense, the use of geometric figures and color is a fun option, very simple to implement and really renews that environment. A move that we also see more and more in decoration magazines and on the Instagram accounts of the most important influencers in this universe.

Photo courtesy of Alba

From circles, half circles, squares, hexagons or rectangles (sometimes even combined), the interesting thing about this proposal is that it is also not defined for a single environment, but can work in any of the spaces of the house: from the nursery up to the kitchen. The key? Choose contrasting colors, go for bright tones, and think about what that room needs. More light or energy? Create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation? Is it your space of inspiration? Are you looking to give it a certain sophistication?.

Photo courtesy of Alba
Photo courtesy of Alba

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