May 14, 2022 3:59 pm

Real Madrid does not know how to open the can and Benzema is injured



The stellar tribute to Gento, a serious act, with wind music on the field, a gigantic banner and his 24 titles on the pitch, was the prelude to a complicated game for the leader, dark, obtuse, against a rival who, like It was expected, he played the defense and counterattack system that he also applied in the Cup. Ancelotti has rehearsed the can opener for weeks, after the setbacks experienced at the Bernabéu against Sheriff, Cádiz and Osasuna. the box of Ancelotti was out of ideas and only saved one point in the last few minutes.

The locals used their trained plays, short and precise passes inside the area, low triangulations, speed of Vinicius and Lucas, but they sweated a lot and without clarity of ideas.

Benzema even missed a penalty clear committed on the Brazilian winger in another direct internment. Modric launched a goal shot wide. The visiting goalkeeper cleared a whiplash by Casemiro with his foot, the visiting defenders cut off three clear goal shots and the match gradually became corrosive for the leader.

Real Madrid missed a penalty, Benzema, with the score at zero

The Madrid fans applauded throughout the eleventh minute in honor of Francisco Gento, the most successful footballer of the club, while Vinicius missed a clear chance after dribbling half the world in the small area, including himself. could have scored Hazard, but he wanted to finish his move and wasted it.

The Belgian was the novelty of the lineup, holder finally after months of bench and ostracism. He played acceptably, with intention, created dangerous actions, combined well with Benzema and the rivals cleared two of his shots with great success. It’s not the same, Hazard, that Chelsea’s may never be again, but it’s better. It was demanded of him and the 0-1 put him under more pressure, but it was not the only guilty of the lack of genius leader’s overall. He showed his dribble surrounded by rivals and then shot very badly a minute later. One lime and one sand. Like almost all of Carlo’s pupils.

Real Madrid was not right and a counterattack from Elche book, with a pass to the band and center measured to the area headed by Lucas Boyer in the first goal of the afternoon. The devils of the lock returned to stroll through the Chamartín Coliseum. The leader had slipped into the green-and-white area during the first half hour and his mistakes in the final shot, once again, condemned him to put on his overalls to open the can, but well.

Ancelotti’s face, angry, said everything. He had rehearsed and they had missed the auction. He saw an excess of confidence in his team, in the face of dominance, and the visiting target put them on the ground, on the grass: they had not won anything with the territorial command and so many passes in the opposite area. What Di Stéfano always argued was missing: football is the goal.

The leader got desperate at times and the referee, De Burgos, a disaster, showed it again when award a penalty to Hazard that later did not grant after seeing the VAR.

Ancelotti’s team could not find ways and Karim’s injury Benzema before game time was an added concern and future for the fans and the coach.

Jovic entered with half an hour ahead to reverse the situation, difficult, dark, without success in the shot of the entire white team. Vinicius had a golden opportunity that He threw out and they later got a warning that meant the fifth and will lose the game against Granada.

The Italian coach had a face of evident anger and Milla’s goal, in the third against real danger, meant the second goal visitor. great play and good goal. Carletto removed Lucas y a Hazard to give way to Valverde and Isco. He sought fresh air and the magic of Francisco Alarcón.

A penalty by hand allowed Modric shorten distances in the absence of nine minutes. The final harassment was heart-stopping. Vinicius and Mendy did not hit their centers of death and there were no shots. The leader lost his third match in the League. Another warning, as in Getafe. the championship it is not earned.

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