May 27, 2022 12:43 pm

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle created eleven companies in a tax haven

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan Markle, created eleven companies in the US tax haven of Delaware even though they live and do business in California, state documents show.

Richard Genow, the Duchess’s lawyer who has been working with her for several years, and Andrew Meyer, his commercial manager, were the ones who incorporated the companies, including one believed to be for Harry’s multi-million dollar memoir deal. businesses were established from April 2020.

The dukes chose the tax haven of Delaware to create eleven companies

Two of the companies are publishing organizations. First, Peca Publishing LLC, was used by Meghan to obtain the rights to her children’s book The Bench. It is believed that the second Orinoco Publishing LLC, was created to have Harry’s rights to his memoirs which will be published later this year.

Freckle could be a reference to the duchess’s freckles and the book he wrote in his eighth grade, entitled: A Face Without Freckles… Is a Night Without StarsA face without freckles… is a night without stars, in Spanish-. Orinoco, meanwhile, is just the name of a river that flows through Venezuela and Colombia..

Other companies created by the Sussexes include Cobblestone Lane LLC, which was enrolled in February 2020 and has the Archewell logo. Two more manage the agreements with Netflix and Spotify of the dukes: Archewell Productions LLC y Archewell Audio LLC, respectively.

In 2021, two more entertainment companies were created: Bridgemont LLC and Hampshire LLC. It is believed that the names of these companies could be a nod to the couple’s holiday in Hampshire in the final weeks of Meghan’s pregnancy in the spring of 2019.

One of the company names is Freckle Publishing which is believed to refer to Meghan's freckles.
One of the company names is Freckle Publishing which is believed to refer to Meghan’s freckles.

Meanwhile, Baobab Holdings, established in February 2021, is said to handle investments. Baobab, is a type of africa and australia tree, also known as the “upside down tree” because its branches look like roots.

another signature, Nemawashi Holdings LLC, describes itself as a “holding company”. In Japanese, Nemawashi means an informal process of quietly laying the groundwork for some proposed change or project.

harry’s book

Harry’s memoirs, which are already considered explosive for the British royal house, will be published later this year and, according to its publishers, will include details of the “prince’s life from childhood to the present day”.

Orinoco Publishing is the company created for Harry's memoirs to be published later this year
Orinoco Publishing is the company created for Harry’s memoirs to be published later this year

The duke promised to give a “completely truthful” account of his life. The announcement is said to have triggered a “tsunami of fear” at Buckingham Palace.. The exact release date of the book has not yet been confirmed.

Meanwhile, Harry plans to sue the UK government in a desperate bid to regain police protection that he lost when he left real life. The Sussexes were stripped of their 24-hour protection when they stepped down from their royal duties.

But now Harry is said to want to bring his son Archie and little daughter Lilibet to visit from America and he worries that it is too dangerous. The unprecedented move has raised questions about whether the prince will return to the UK for Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th anniversary on the throne, and suggests that meghan will never come back.

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