May 14, 2022 9:01 pm

‘Paco, the minister’ and nobody else

All the high officials convicted have appealed to the Supreme Court the sentence issued by the Provincial Court of Seville almost two and a half years ago, in which dozens of Andalusian leaders (with two presidents of the PSOE at the head, Griñán and Chaves) were sentenced for the macro embezzlement of the ERE, almost 700 million euros of public money defrauded in the biggest corrupt scandal of democracy, with the party of those ‘100 years of honesty’ as the main protagonist. Part of that money, which should have gone to the unemployed, ended up in sprees where drugs were not lacking, up to 20,000 euros a month, where Trujillo and his boss at the time, former CEO Guerrero, gave everything… everything… . See more

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