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Pablo Echarri’s funny reaction when Susana Roccasalvo confused him with Pablo Rago

Susana Roccasalvo She has decades of work on television, but that is not why she is exempt from making mistakes on the air from time to time. the driver of relentless (elnueve) starred in a funny blooper this saturday at present to Paul Echarri What Paul Rago, something that the actor took with great humor.

Roccasalvo’s furcio was broadcast live by the cameras of his program and provoked laughter among his colleagues and the interviewees. It all started when the host of the cycle announced that a very important cell phone was coming with three great actors and the screen split in two to show the protagonists of the new version of Art, a historical theatrical success of Corrientes street.

Susana Roccasalvo’s funny blooper: presented Pablo Echarri as Pablo Rago

We have the mobile with three actors, one prettier than the other”, promised Roccasalvo and continued praising them: “They are wonderful, with a delicious work”. He also recalled seeing Art “back in 99″, with Ricardo Darin, Oscar Martinez Y German Palacios as protagonists. “I want to see her again with them who are three other great actors”, he assured.

“There they are, I hope they behave well this time,” said the driver when the artists appeared on the screen and introduced them one by one. “Hello dear Maribel, how are you doing?”, he asked the mobile and before giving her time to answer, he announced: “There we are with Fernán Mirás, Mike Amigorena and Pablo Rago… Pablo Echarri! I confused you with Rago…”, he quickly corrected himself.. But the error had already been issued…

Pablo Echarri, Mike Amigorena and Fernán Miras, the new cast of ArtPATRICIO PIDAL/AFV

Echarri took the matter with good vibes and immediately reassured Roccasalvo: “You were good, Susan. A whole life that happens to me “, confessed and revealed something hitherto unknown about his past: “I won women in bowling alleys pretending to be Pablo Rago… one day they had to tell me Pablo Rago”, he assured. “It doesn’t matter, Susana, at this point,” he added with a laugh.

Fernán Mirás, for its part, joke continued imagining more mistakes by the driver: “We are Pablo Rago, Mike Hammer and Fernando Trueba”, He launched ironically while Roccasalvo and his companions on the floor continued to laugh. Finally, after a moment of laughter, they were able to continue with the interview.

The new version of Art, the work of Jasmina Reza, premiered in July last year, but had to be abruptly suspended in October after Fernán Mirás had suffered an aneurysm. The actor had begun to feel a strong discomfort in his head and called the emergency room. After some studies, doctors confirmed that the stabbing pain was being caused by a brain aneurysm, that is, an abnormal widening in the walls of an artery located in the brain.

Pablo Echarri, Mike Amigorena and Fernán Mirás on stage
Pablo Echarri, Mike Amigorena and Fernán Mirás on stageAlexander Palacios

After being admitted to the Los Arcos Sanatorium, Mirás underwent an emergency operation and had to have a stent placed. He was hospitalized for almost three weeks, but fortunately he recovered very well, was able to get ahead and is now resuming his normal life.

This Saturday, the interpreter returned to the stage with the successful Art in the Multitabaris. “Tickets purchased for previous performances can be exchanged for any other from January 22 to 30 through the same channel through which they were purchased.”, was announced about the new version of the mythical work that Mirás is now leading with Echarri and Amigorena, directed by Ricardo Darín and Germán Palacios.

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