May 27, 2022 12:25 pm

Montenegro and Yeza, the mayors of the summer

The political showcase in summer is from Mar del Plata and Pinamar. Not only because hundreds of thousands of voters travel there to vacation, but also because important leaders rest or organize actions in those arenas in search of achieving greater space and impact than usual.

The one who has this mechanism very clear and shows perfect attendance in all seasons is Daniel Scioli who, even with a position geographically so far from the Happy City, such as being the Argentine ambassador in Brazil, once again fulfilled his rite of, towel on the shoulder , go down to the popular beach located between the Provincial and Hermitage hotels, run by its local journalistic godfather, the legendary Florencio Aldrey Iglesias, “owner” of Mar del Plata, for the notable diversification of his businesses there.

When it comes to getting the media out there is no crack and everyone wants to give their present by the sea. There are plenty of examples: Javier Milei raffling off his first salary as a legislator in Playa Grande; Fernanda Raverta, head of Anses, playing at home and again with the intention of running for mayor of La Feliz in 2023, posing with ministers De Pedro, Vizzotti and Lammens.

Governor Axel Kicillof has a worse time, who does not feel comfortable in Pinamar or Mardel because both tourist cities are governed by Together for Change, and he prefers to make a tour, even if the weather plays against him, in Villa Gesell, which, at least, manages someone from their own political space.

Martín Yeza, the mayor of Pinamar, and Guillermo Montenegro, the mayor of Mar del Plata, whose voices in the rest of the year are usually heard little or nothing, in the middle of the season they come to the fore.

Yeza, who is already half way through his second term, and who could aspire to a third term thanks to the controversial law in which Kirchnerists and Cambiamites agreed to do so, was the only one of the 55 mayors of JXC in a position to benefit from that prerogative that He came out strong to overtake that he will not use that chance. Does Yeza (who is close to María Eugenia Vidal) aspire to be governor? He seems more interested in promoting studies to divide the province of Buenos Aires, which he considers infeasible to govern efficiently with its current conformation.

128 kilometers from Pinamar, to Montenegro in Mar del Plata, the opportunity to raise his profile came from the most unexpected side. While the national government gave the green light at five in the afternoon of last December 30, on the eve of the New Year, to an ambitious oil exploration plan 300 kilometers off the coast of Mar del Plata, the news did not pass not at all unnoticed and had a phenomenal impact in Mar del Plata. And not only by environmental groups, who shouted to the skies. “I am not a greenpeacero,” Montenegro clarifies as if it were necessary, which presented a seventy-page injunction to oppose the start of these works as long as it is not informed beforehand how it will impact the environment.

It could be assumed that Montenegro is reticent about this issue because it is promoted by the national government, which has a different political sign than its own. However, his opposition is more due to the underlying issue than because it comes from President Alberto Fernández, with whom he personally has a good relationship. In the same way, the fact that he is politically in a column within Together for Change with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, does not mean that in these days he has strongly protested against the decision of the head of the Buenos Aires government to start classes on February 21. Montenegro is concerned that it is a shot that mortally wounds the second half of February in such an atypical season that arrived under the best auspices – tourists arrived in an unprecedented number in a long time and the first half of January had exceptional weather -, but the strong wave of Covid infections caused reservations to fall, hit the productive sectors hard, which suffered casualties, and reduced the box office of the theaters due to fear of the public and because not a few casts were damaged due to the Covid. The great expectation to recover more and better is focused on February, if the wave of Omicron, as expected, ends up giving way.

With its hotel and real estate capacity filled, the tragedies with quads and UTVs put the gloomy note in Pinamar. But Yeza had to deal more politically with the minor episode of the churrero that did not have authorization, but that the people came out to defend. Even Victoria Tolosa Paz, from Cariló, took advantage of that circumstance to hit the coastal mayor of JXC who won by 59% of the votes and who has an absolute majority in the City Council of Pinamar. The crack, as you can see, never takes a vacation.

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