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Monte Hermoso: rented a house for 100 thousand pesos and found a “horror” scene

Mount Beautiful It is one of the tourist destinations most chosen by tourists to spend their summer vacations. Its beaches with warm waters attract thousands of people each season who look forward to a comfortable place to spend their days off. In this sense, the complaint of a young man who rented a house in the seaside resort went viral on TikTok because of the terrible conditions in which it was found.

The user, called Guido Michelini, provoked hundreds of reactions among its more than 459 thousand followers in the social network when telling the tragicomic situation with which he found himself. As revealed, paid 100 thousand pesos for a week in this house, located in the heart of the city and a few meters from the pedestrian. In the footage that was uploaded to the social network, exposed construction errors, debris in the yard, and even malfunctioning appliances.

A young man went viral on social networks after showing the rent of a house

“What house do they give you in Monte Hermoso for a week for one hundred thousand pesos?”, begins by asking Guido while looking at the camera. noticeably outraged, start walking to show the place where you spent your vacation.

Already from the outside the discomfort of the tenants begins. The main reason?: you can not put the car in the parking lot, since due to its tiny space the doors cannot be opened. “The car does not finish entering the garage because we can’t open the doors folks”, explained the user. Then, he showed a lantern “overturned and without walking” also outside, revealing the lamp in poor condition.

Giuido then turned to show laundry. “Horror movies included”, described and then showed that the door did not close properly and that inside there was dirt, spider webs and dirty fabrics in the sink.

On the side of the wall, two wooden shelves reflected the time that passed before someone inhabited the place. “Look what this is. Spider webs, clothes overturned in a sink”, mentioned the young man dissatisfied with the maintenance of the house.

The laundry sector, in terrible conditionsCapture

In the garden part things were not much better. According to the footage, right in the center of the patio you can see an oil pan that is used as a trash can, full of debris around it. The grass apparently hadn’t been mowed or watered either. for a long time.

While, the walls of the dividing wall were found with some disarrangements and some sectors were not yet fully built.

One of the elements located in the property's garden
One of the elements located in the property’s gardenCapture

With respect to inside the house, in the video Guido made ironic comments to add some humor to the situation. “We have a 40-inch LED screen”, he expressed while showing an old tube television.

The modular dining room also reflected the poor state of conservation of the rest of the property. “There is a revolving door that we do not know how to open”, joked the tourist, while showing a door almost torn from the cabinet.

The detail of the furniture, another reason for indignation for the young man
The detail of the furniture, another reason for indignation for the young manCapture

Cutlery was also not enough for the people who rented the place. “House for six and they give me two knives”, Guido launched in utter indignation.

Towards the end of the video, the young man came to the kitchen and showed the problems they had with the refrigerator and freezer. “(The refrigerator) has a hermetic seal, we have to push it so that it closes completely. The freezer, doubtful”, he commented while showing the inside of the appliance.

Most of the appliances did not work and the kitchen elements were not enough for the number of people who rented the house
Most of the appliances did not work and the kitchen elements were not enough for the number of people who rented the houseCapture

The clip, shared from the @guidomichelini account, has, since its publication on January 19, almost 100 thousand reproductions plus generated a debate among users who also contributed their point of view regarding the value they paid for the rent.

A netizen questioned: “Did it become fashionable to rent houses in a state of demolition?”, implying that it would not be the first case. While others mentioned that all that expense could have been used to rent a house in another part of the country. “That’s enough for you to go to Brazil”wrote one user. Meanwhile, another conferred: “100 thousand pesos for a week! Total theft”.

There were also comments from people who identified with Guido’s experience and gave him some advice so as not to fall into the same situation in the next destination he visits. “It happened to me and worse. The cockroaches were the least there was, “said an Internet user, while another highlighted: “For this reason I do not rent more in advance. I go and rent at the moment”.

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