May 17, 2022 3:01 am

Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, is left without a wedding




Jacinda Ardern (41 years old), the popular Prime Minister of Australia, was planning to marry Clarke Gayford (45), television presenter, but the restrictions that her government has imposed in this new wave of the pandemic have led her to suspend the link. “I am not indifferent to the thousands of other New Zealand citizens who have suffered a much more devastating impact on their lives due to the pandemic, becoming unable to be with their loved ones who are seriously ill,” he declared as the main cause to when making a personal decision that has a lot of political commitment.

Unlike Boris Johnson, the British prime minister who was partying in full confinement, even on the eve of the funeral for the Duke of Edinburgh, Jacinda Ardernhas wanted to set an example with a sacrifice that shows her commitment to the fight against Covid-19 and its variant ómicron, which has led the country to the greatest restrictions since the pandemic began.

The commitment of this policy to the health of its citizens led her to accept a Police campaign in which her boyfriend and the daughter they have in common, Neve Te Aroha, appeared in the series ‘Wellington Paranormal’ showing how they lived in confinement after spending a bad night due to the cries of her baby. When an agent woke up the little girl, who was finally taking a nap, instead of singing her a lullaby, she sang the anti-Covid campaign song, ‘Keep two meters away’, in a desperate attempt to make her sleep again.

Clarke Gayford is a well-known face in New Zealand thanks to her work as a journalist. Born and raised on a farm, he hosts a fishing documentary show, ‘Fish of the Day’, making his debut in 1999 with ‘Treasure Island’, an adventure reality show. The presenter and the politician have been a couple since 2013, but it was not until May 2021 that they announced their engagement. Now, the wedding will have to wait: health comes first.

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