May 22, 2022 3:40 am

French adventurer Jean-Jacques Savin found dead at sea while crossing the Atlantic alone

A 75-year-old French adventurer who was trying to row across the Atlantic Ocean was found dead this Friday, according to his support team.

Jean Jacques Savin He had made a similar journey in 2019, but on board a barrel to sail. “Unfortunately, this time the ocean was stronger than our friend, who loved sailing and the sea so much,” they said in a statement on their Facebook page.

Everything points to on thursday night he had problems and activated two emergency beacons. However, the reason for his death remains under investigation.

His family had not heard from him since and were “waiting for a ray of hope, and even good news,” according to a post on his Facebook profile.

For Jean-Jacques Savin, the rowing feat was a way of “laughing at old age”.Facebook

But Portuguese maritime officials on Friday found Savin’s canoe capsized off the Azores, a chain of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean.

The former military paratrooper, who celebrated his birthday at sea last week with foie gras and champagne, left Sagres in southern Portugal on January 1 with the goal of crossing the ocean alone.

On Wednesday, he wrote on Facebook that there were strong winds that lengthened his journey by 900 km (560 miles) and said that had problems with its solar power source. But he added: “Rest assured that I am not in danger!”

Savin commented that he would fix the mishaps once he reached the “beautiful marina” of Ponta Delgada, the capital of the Azores.

Jean-Jacques Savin's canoe was eight meters long.
Jean-Jacques Savin’s canoe was eight meters long.Getty Images

His original plan was to spend about three months in the eight-meter canoe, which he referred to as his “friend.” For him, the rowing feat was a way of “laughing at old age”.

The barrel ride

Jean-Jacques Savin in his barrel after arriving on the French island of Martinique.
Jean-Jacques Savin in his barrel after arriving on the French island of Martinique.AFP

In 2019, the adventurer successfully crossed the Atlantic in an orange, barrel-shaped capsule using only ocean currents to propel him through the water for 4,500 km (2,800 miles), a journey of 122 days.

The boat measured 19 meters and was built by Savin himself in a shipyard in the south-west of France.

The trip served him to launch devices into the sea that later helped several scientists to study ocean currents.

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