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Encarnita, the Spanish grandmother who is all the rage on TikTok for hilarious talks with her granddaughter

Paula Lopez Avila Today he has more than 25 thousand followers on TikTok and part of that fame is due to his grandmother Encarnita. The three videos that he shared with her not only made the two protagonists laugh to tears, but also conquered thousands of people around the world. From Seville, Spain, the teenager made one joke after another, which provoked indignation and laughter from the old woman.

“Hello Goodnight. My name is Paula López, I am with my grandmother Encarnita and we are going to ask for the scholarship money…”. With that phrase, which already reveals what is to come, all the clips begin. In the foreground you can see the mischievous smile of the young woman and, in the background, her grandmother who tries to maintain her composure so that the girl gets what she needs.

Listening to the introduction, the most hilarious moment of the clip arrives, where Paula explains: “My grandmother is pregnant and needs the money”. Behind, surprised and even indignant, Encarnita begins to shout: “I’m pregnant? How can I be pregnant at 81 years old?!” Laughing through, and the interruption of someone behind the scenes, the young woman resumed the video.

The hilarious occurrences of a young woman who made her grandmother cry with laughter

“Well grandma, you have to say yes, I’m going to start over,” says the granddaughter. Thus he returned to make the same introduction as before but now with another shot. “In my house we are very needy because my grandmother is deaf and dumb and cannot speak.” Once again the video betrayed Encarnita. With her hand covering her mouth, a surprised face and a laugh she couldn’t contain, they began to feel each other and hug each other while Paula shouted: “Grandma! The money!”.

That is just the first of a succession of three clips. In the other two, the start was the same but the auction changed; always with the same result: Encarnita’s laughter. “We are going to apply for the scholarship because my grandmother has a boyfriend and she needs him”. Hearing this, the woman tries to remain serious so that her granddaughter obtains the scholarship, but she does not succeed and is tempted again.

The young woman continued with her jokes while Encarnita tried to maintain her composure

They spent a long time like that and, among Paula’s many occurrences, it emerged that her grandmother was Russian and did not understand the language and this made the old woman have to improvise words in front of the camera, always tempting herself. Then the young woman adds that the woman was an exotic striptease dancer and, since she is already retired, she needs the money to get by.

When everything seemed to be heading towards closing the ideal video so that they would be given the supposed money, Paula returned with her auction: “We need the money because she is seven months pregnant and needs to buy the crib.” Encarnita remained serious and continued the story, this time without laughter, and launched: “Good evening, I want the money”. Her granddaughter was already laughing and she, incredulous, asked if it was over yet. “Now I am sending it to the Andalusian delegation,” the young woman explained. Given this, the grandmother claimed: “You told me you weren’t going anywhere. If they call me. I’m not going.” Faced with this refusal, the teenager made a request before turning off the camera: “You have to go and say that you are Russian, deaf and dumb, pregnant and doing strip tease”.

The young woman was furious with the video with her grandmother

Encarnita, who put on an angry face and with her arms crossed, refused to appear in the delegation, managed to win over social network users with her witticisms.

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