May 15, 2022 1:47 pm

Diego Arrabal detonates the bomb on Antonio David Flores and Marta Riesco: they no longer sleep together




when it seemed that Anthony David Flores Y Marta I can They began to live their romance with total freedom, everything suggests that their relationship is going through a zone of turbulence. At least that is what can be deduced from the information that the journalist has spread Diego Arrabal through his YouTube channel.

The photographer, one of the public defenders of the former civil guard, assured a few hours ago that, far from what was thought, Antonio David no longer sleeps at Marta’s house: «He arrived at the VillaMadrid hotel, one of the hotels where people on TV usually stay, he arrived around nine at night, in his car, he lowered several suitcases and went up through the parking lot so that no one would see him», explained for his more than 62,000 subscribers.

After disclosing such unexpected information, the collaborator of ‘Viva la vida’ also wanted to share a reflection on the point at which the courtship of Anthony David Y March: «Has something happened in the couple Marta and Antonio David? It’s very strange. Now that they have said they are together, he sleeps in a hotel. It’s all very strange. We are not going to anticipate events, but be careful with this data ».

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