May 18, 2022 6:38 pm

Coronavirus Valencia today: the Generalitat decides on the end of the covid passport and the restrictions



20:56Ximo Puig announces how the restrictions due to the coronavirus and the covid passport remain in the Valencian Community
The Generalitat decides in the coming days whether to abolish or extend the limitations that are in force until January 31.
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20:56The Generalitat Valenciana has vaccinated 60% of school-age children against the coronavirus and is already announcing a rescue
Health will enable spaces to inject the drug between five and eleven years of age from March at the end of the campaign.
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20:56Vaccination of the coronavirus in the Valencian Community for the week of January 24 to 30
The Generalitat accelerates the inoculation against Covid-19 to those over forty years of age while waiting for the opening of the vacunodromes.
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20:56How to process the withdrawal due to coronavirus in Valencia: new list of pharmacies that carry out the process
Check here all the drugstores that make antigen test and communicate the positive results to Health.
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Workers on a construction site Juan Carlos Soler

20:56Child vaccination of the coronavirus in Valencian schools is settled in court after several errors
The complaints for inoculating the drug without family consent in Paterna, Aldaia and Elche reinforce the appeal that the TSJ debates on January 26.
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20:56A child with cardiovascular problems is vaccinated against the coronavirus without parental consent in the Valencian town of Aldaia
The doctor had prescribed that the drug not be administered due to the risks to his health.
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