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Carolina de Monaco, the family cane




At 65, the princess Caroline of Monaco She has become the protective grandmother of a family always involved in an inexplicable tangle of messes that range from passion pink to jet black. Troubles that begin in the apparent loneliness of his wife’s bed who has refused to separate, for a long decade, from a more than frivolous husband: Ernest of Hannover.

She married him after two previous marriages and an imprecise number of love affairs, ranging from tennis player Guillermo Vilas to actor Vincent Lindon. Mother of four children from her three marriages, Carolina broke up with the head of the Hannover house as a result of a long string of scandals. Given to alcohol, uncontrollable when he gets drunk, Ernest of Hannover ended up leaving his wife to start an endless string of relationships, adventures, disasters and fights that the princess follows distantly but firmly: she refuses to grant him a divorce to prevent him from coming back. to have officially recognized children.

a super grandmother

Age and these tribulations culminated in the appearance of the first gray hairs, which the princess wears with the talent and grace of her personality.

Lost the rank of succession to the benefit of her brother, Prince Albert II, Carolina must assume, today, very delicate official and unofficial functions. Faced with the uncertain state of health of her brother’s wife, Princess Charlene, Carolina must support Prince Albert in the management of public affairs, while providing him with indispensable moral support in times of serious uncertainty.

But above all, she is very attentive to the lives of her grandchildren and four children, Alexandra de Hannover, Charlotte, Andrea and Pierre Casiraghi. Not everything is joy. There are also conflicts, crises and tensions, which she tries to alleviate with a silken glove and an iron fist. Alexandra has appeared alongside her mother in many fashion shows. But his conversion to Catholicism, abjuring the Protestant faith of his paternal family, required a lot of work from the highest family diplomacy.

Andrea and Pierre Casiraghi are businessmen, married to ladies with a lot of rags. No major problems. Carolina exercises before them the task of grandmother always listening to the comings and goings of a very cosmopolitan family.

Charlotte Casiraghi, on the contrary, prolongs in his own way, the amorous tribulations of his mother and his aunt, Princess Estefania. Before marrying Dimitri Rassam, Carlota had an intense sentimental life, with successive partners until she met Gad Elmaleh, the father of her first son, Raphaël.

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