May 27, 2022 1:28 pm

Antonio Caló criticized Care Prices and said that the increase in inflation “is uncontrolled”

The general secretary of the Metallurgical Workers’ Union (UOM), Antonio Calo, harshly criticized the official program of Prices Care and said that rising inflation is the main problem. “It puts control, but it is a lack of control”, assured.

“Once and for all, Argentina has to take the bull by the horns and say: ‘Well, what’s up with this, guys? How do we correct it? Because if not, there is no correction”, raised Caló, in declarations to Radio With You.

Regarding the plan that sets maximum prices for some products of the basic basket, he opined: “As much as Care Prices are set, control is set, but it is a lack of control.”

In addition, he questioned the program and recognized that it can have negative consequences. “The only thing they are controlling are salaries, which you have to discuss every two or three months, which is not enough for you”, complained the union leader, and empathized with the business community: “You have to discuss with the businessmen. That’s a tough discussion because, sometimes, there are many SMEs that cannot afford it because they cannot compete with what they produce”.

Asked about the salary agreement for the metallurgical sector, he indicated: “We got 50.2% in the parity last year. You can get 50%, 60%, but the money is not enough because inflation eats it up. If this gap between inflation, prices and salaries is not corrected, it will be a race that will not have an end”.

Antonio Caló said that the only thing that the Government is controlling are wages

In the same week that the vice president, Cristina Kirchner, shared a text in which he compared the management of former president Mauricio Macri, within the framework of the negotiation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), with the Covid-19 pandemic, Caló also charged the inks against the predecessor of Alberto Fernández.

“There has to be an agreement. The Fund has to understand that it lent money to a government for doing politics. Trump was a friend of Macri’s father and told him that he had to give him that money because he wanted Macri to win. This is the reality. Debts must be recognized, but you also have to realize that you made a mistake when you lent. Help me so I can pay you”, analyzed the head of the UOM.

“The CGT supports the agreement from day one”Calo said. And he added: “Martín Guzman is one of the best economists that the country had in a long time. He deals with this and has a professional training that I have not seen in other finance ministers I have met. It is clear what you have to do, he is going to do it but not at the cost of the sacrifice of the workers or the Argentine people. The IMF has to understand that for one to be able to pay it, dollars must be produced and sold. If they don’t let you produce or import… I think Guzmán is taking it on the right track and we at the CGT agree.”

Regarding the immunization of the population and, in particular, of those affiliated to his union, he insisted on the importance of the entire population having the complete scheme. “We have to try to take care of each other, you see? Why, if 80% are vaccinated, is there 20% who do not want to be vaccinated? I take care of you and you don’t take care of me. Macanudo the individual right, but who respects the collective right?”.

And he continued: “90% of metal workers are vaccinated. We have to try to invite them, persuade them that it is good for the family, for everyone.”.

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