May 14, 2022 9:03 am

Ancelotti: “That we haven’t lost is a good sign, we’re all at stake in the coming months”



Ancelotti had been training the can opener for weeks, faced with Real Madrid’s problems breaking the locks, and the game showed that the specific training to overcome the walls has not been learned. missing shot, precision and clarity of ideas.

Benzema will undergo medical tests on Tuesday. feel discomfort in the hamstrings of the left leg. He did not feel a puncture and requested “the change as a precaution,” the footballer argued with his boss. The goal of the striker and the club is for Karim, a key player in the Whites’ scheme, get to the Champions League tie in February, against PSG, in Paris. «It is a problem in the hamstring, It’s not the same as San Sebastian, hopefully we can recover it soon, ”Ancelotti argued with cautious optimism.

Carlo’s pupils were not fine. They missed goal passes in the area and crashed against a well-placed and fresher-minded opponent, who scored two great counterattack goals. Ancelotti’s anger was monumental at the break. “Normally these games are lost and we have been able to get a point,” he argued after the match.


After saving a point, the person in charge sport of the leader was direct when analyzing what happened: «The team has always fought, until the end, and that’s why we got a point. It wasn’t a good game, but the fact that we got this point is a good sign for the squad.” He thought in the long term: “We arrived well positioned for the break, but now everything is at stake in the coming months.”

Lucas Vázquez saw the Half-full bottle: “You have to leave happy because we were 0-2. The team showed a lot of courage and desire to win. we missed a little success in the final stretch. We lacked chances at the end, but as the match was, we have to leave happy with the team’s image”.

The man from Coruña boarded Karim Benzema’s failure in the penalty and the affection of the fans. “It is something that needs to be done more. A whistle is useless to Karim at that moment. What suits him is applause from the fans and that is what the fans have shown. It is a spectacular gesture. I’m sure the next penalty he has will mark it.”

Admitted the side that there was fatigue in his team: «Perhaps we do feel tired. They played their match at 0-1 and started losing time. We are going to continue fighting for the League with this tie.”

Pere Milla, protagonist in Elche, was resounding: «I feel very bad about this result because we had Madrid on the ropes. I don’t think we missed it because they are very, very good. We were able to win here, but I’m happy with this team because we’re a great team. Cheer up to the colleagues who have stayed at home because this is theirs too. He hits me on the hand and has watched TV. You can call a penalty, but in the first penalty Kross hits me and tells me. We are happy because this point is important for us. Apologize to Edgar Badia because he has been awarded two penalties. Our three goalkeepers are having a season.”

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