May 20, 2022 4:23 pm

Alicia Castro was infected with covid and harshly criticized Carla Vizzotti

The referent of the Sovereign political space Alicia Castro He said that he was infected with covid and attacked the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, whom he accused of lying: “While omicron infections increase exponentially in Argentina, deaths and hospitalizations, Carla Vizzotti lies. The denialism of our authorities is irresponsible and dangerous for public health”.

The former ambassador of Argentina in Venezuela and the United Kingdom also maintained that the variant that emerged in South Africa and generated the third wave is not something to worry about: “Neither the discomfort nor the fear of consequences are slight. Whoever says that omicron is mild is arrogantly and stupidly compromising our future generations, says the great pandemic expert Eric Feigl-Ding”.

Too, targeted the national government for allowing activities that facilitate contagion: “Our authorities Vizzotti and Alberto Fernandez they are promoting tourism and super contagious activities. There are 2,500 people suffering in therapy and 161 added to the 119,000 dead compatriots.

Castro announced that he contracted covid-19 on January 21 and that he has three doses of vaccines, two from Sputnik V and a third from Pfizer. Still, he assured “ómicron” is “highly contagious” and that the symptoms are not “mild”.

Finally, he pointed again against Vizzotti, whom on his Twitter social network account he usually criticizes for his health policies: “There are those who seek to deny or make invisible this tragedy.”

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