May 14, 2022 2:07 pm

Affected by the volcano ask for dignity: “We are not destitute”

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A group of those affected by the La Palma volcano has taken to the streets to “ask, demand, claim, request and require respect and dignity» and to say loud and clear that «we are not homeless», since that is how they feel after several months without answers.

In several urban centers, they have handed out leaflets with some of their proposals and demands, where the “evacuees/indigent” declare themselves tired of this situation. The Cumbre Vieja volcano that erupted on September 19 has been without activity for more than a month, but the victims are still in a precarious situation and in limbo due to lack of certainty.

They ask that their human rights be respected, as well as «official responses by the competent entities» which they define as «ungovernmental» due to their inaction.

In addition, they request safety for your emotional and psychological state, one of the priorities of those affected by the eruption, who have spent months of concerns and impotence, with anxiety and lack of certainty about being able to start again after the damage caused by the Cumbre Vieja.

In general and in a reiterated and insistent way, they ask again «dignity and respect» in the face of the situation they are experiencing, which is taking longer than is desirable with help and responses that do not arrive or arrive only in drops.

Leaflet delivered in the urban centers of La Palma – Ceded to ABC by those affected mobilized

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