May 16, 2022 2:17 pm

A strong fight that Adele had before suspending her shows is revealed: “It was an explosive discussion”

The expected return of Adele to the stage for the presentation of his brand new album, 30, suffered an unforeseen event on Thursday. With 24 hours to go before the premiere of his Las Vegas residency, the singer of “Hello” announced through her Instagram account that the concerts scheduled for January, March and April they were going to postpone. Because the announcement came very close to the first dates, the vast majority of fans who had purchased tickets for the performances were already in the city, or were traveling there, which brought the artist to tears for feeling that I was failing them. However, his audience understood his reasons. “I have the best fans in the world, your love and care is overwhelming, thank you,” the star tweeted.

In the last few hours, The Daily Mail publication revealedor a strong fight between Adele and one of her closest collaborators: the production designer of her shows, Esmeralda Devlin. According to what was communicated by the portal, Adkins wanted everything to look perfect, but seeing the delays caused by Covid in putting together the show “he had a panic attack” and starred in “an explosive discussion” con Devlin.

“Even though it cost millions to put the set together, Adele was not happy with the result and he made it very clear to Es”, said a source close to the team. “She was already nervous, and the fight made her panic, because she was desperate for everything to be perfect.”

Adele was going to present her fourth album, 30, in Las VegasSimon Emmett – Sony Music

On the other hand, as many modifications had to be made in the production due to delays in the deliveries of certain elements and that several members of the team were studying the coronavirus, Adele noticed that a show was being put together that was not linked to his original vision. . “It seemed that, While she had always preferred a stripped down performance, she was under some pressure to come up with something extravagant.” Added another source.

“There was a constant clash between those two versions of what the show should be, and that led to some pretty explosive discussions. It is well known that Adele suffers a lot from anxiety when it comes to performing live, so it’s hard to imagine her moving on if she wasn’t happy.…she was so excited about these shows, but when push came to shove, there was a lot of indecision and conflict for these to work”, the source concluded.

From her home and visibly sad, Adele communicated the cancellation of her shows. “Hello. I want to apologize but my show is not ready. We’ve done our best to put it together on time and make it good enough for you, but delivery delays and Covid have totally wrecked us. Half of my team, half of my people, is with Covid”, he told his followers through his social networks.

“It has been impossible to finish the show and I can’t show you what I have so far. I’m tired… I’m tired. I’m so sorry this is all last minute, but we’ve been up for over 30 hours trying to fix this and we’re out of time.”, he explained. “I am very sorry and very embarrassed. Again, I am so sorry to everyone who has traveled to see me. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,” he added.

Likewise, Adele announced that the shows will be held later. “We will reschedule all the dates, we’re on it right now, and I’m going to finish my show and I’m going to do a show like the one I’m supposed to do. I am very sorry that it was impossible, we have faced many things and it is not ready. I am very sorry”, she concluded, but not before breaking down when she mentioned that many had traveled from different parts of the world to see her, which led her to personally communicate by video call with some of her fans, who gave her their unconditional support.

The show Weekends with Adele began on Friday, January 21 at the Colosseum of Caesars Palace, and was going to be on the bill until mid-April, with two performances every weekend. The singer announced her own Las Vegas residency in November, shortly after the release of her album.

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