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A cenotaph holds the memory of José Luis Cabezas at the murder site

PINAMAR.– A few meters from the cellar where the photographer Joseph Louis Heads was found dead on January 25, 1997, a stony tribute in his memory resists the ravages of drizzle and time. Not by chance, it is a desolate place far from the city of Pinamar, from which it is located about 16 kilometers. In the center of the tribute, the image of the photojournalist stands out along with the motto “Don’t forget Heads.”

It is accompanied by three plaques that recall the date of what happened, the “journalistic work” of the photographer from Noticias magazine and replicate a message from the family: “We will never forget. We will continue to fight forever. Your parents, your sister and your children.”

In the main monument there are several plaques of the tributes that the relatives of the photojournalist made there every year, led by his wife, Cristina Robledo; his children María Agustina, Juan and Candela; his sister Gladys Cabezas and his parents, Norma and José, now deceased.

In addition, there is a small space that keeps messages and rosaries placed in his memory. Finally, to the left of the stone structure, is the bust of Cabezas carved in wood.

The memory of José Luis Cabezas, in the place where he was assassinatedHernan Zenteno – THE NATION

The cenotaph that commemorates the brutal crime stands among the grasslands, on the side of a dirt road that emerges at kilometer 385 of provincial route No. 11. Due to the rains that affected the area these days, the path is slippery and not a soul passes through it, only some otters that, from time to time, cross the path from one side to the other.

The arrival at the place is announced by a poster that the municipality of Madariaga placed with an account of what happened. Nearby there is also a white cross several meters high with the image of the photojournalist and the cellar can still be seen, although covered by grass. In that well, the body of Cabezas was found inside the white Ford Fiesta that he had rented to carry out the journalistic coverage of the summer season in a spa that was then very frequented by figures of politics and power in the shadows, such as the businessman Alfredo Yabrán, whose image in a bathing suit recorded by Cabezas was the trigger for a crime that shocked the country.

The cellar where the photojournalist José Luis Cabezas was murdered
The cellar where the photojournalist José Luis Cabezas was murderedHernan Zenteno – THE NATION

Cabezas’s body was found by Pedro Hilario Guevara, a farm stallholder who approached the cellar because he had seen a puff of smoke. There he found the Ford Fiesta on fire with Cabezas’ body charred inside. Based on Guevara’s statements, the police made the first spoken portrait of a suspect in the homicide. The face of that identikit was very similar to the features of the former driver of a union leader, who joined the Yabrán companies after the death of his boss. Despite the resemblance to one of the suspects who were seen in the cellar, he was never charged.

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