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Wanda Nara’s double went through Welcome aboard and Laurita Fernández could not contain her emotion

The game of similarities Welcome aboard (eltrece) slowly became a classic on the channel’s screen. Because, despite having simple instructions, it is one of the most fun in the cycle of challenges. The entertainment is based on the fact that, it does not matter if the participants are the same as the celebrity they say they look like or not, if they are the same, they will generate surprise and, if not, people try to guess. In the case of the Friday program, One of the contestants entered safely in her similarity to Wanda Nara and generated several mixed feelings.

A double of Wanda Nara went through Welcome aboard

This was not the first time that a double of the businesswoman passed through the study. Months ago, in the midst of the outbreak of the Wanda Gate -love triangle that included Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi and Eugenia “China” Suárez- a young woman went through the well-known door and claimed to be identical to the media. On that occasion it was Guido Kazcka who was speechless when he saw her. The Quilmes neighbor not only caused a stir among those present but also unleashed a cataract of reactions on social networks.

During Friday’s edition, it was Laurita Fernández’s turn to come face to face with a Nara impersonator. Nowadays, the dancer takes Guido’s place while he takes a well-deserved vacation. The driver opened the door and the smile appeared immediately, because she only needed to take a look at the participant to detect the resemblance. Excited, she asked his name and where he came from.

The participant of Welcome aboard surprised with her resemblance to Wanda Naravideo capture

After the young woman replied: “I am Nati de Laferrere”, Laurita invited her to make a face or gesture characteristic of her famous version to make it easier to guess. Immediately, the impersonator perfectly replicated the pose that Wanda Nara uses in all her Instagram photos. Although Laurita couldn’t help but be happy for having guessed so quickly, she didn’t say anything in order to give Valentina and Francesca, the assistants of Welcome aboard, to get the answer right.

“Yes or yes, Evangelina Anderson”, fired one of them, but was met with a negative response from Nati. After the failed attempt, it was Valen’s turn, who was not too sure of the option he was going to present. “Could it be Graciela Alfano when she was young?” He asked, with the face of someone who knows he’s wrong. Once again, Laferrere’s neighbor shook her head.

Before Laurita had a chance to guess, Francesca called her to tell her that another possibility had occurred to her and they began to whisper with the microphone far away, in order to come to an agreement. When they saw that the two thought the same, The driver began to probe the territory with questions about the tastes of the celebrity in question.

Wanda Nara is known for her passion for designer handbags and shoes.
Wanda Nara is known for her passion for designer handbags and shoes.

First, he wanted to know if, recently, she was involved in a scandal so big that everyone was talking about her. After the contestant’s statement, she stated: “Do you like handbags, jewelry…? The shoes, your dressing room is gigantic. They are all beautiful children… Are you Wanda?”. In response, the young woman said: “Yes, they carry me a lot. They tell me ‘Che Wanda, where did you leave Icardi?’”.

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