May 18, 2022 10:51 am

Two police officers are killed in Harlem, the fourth shooting against officers in a week in New York



Two New York Police died this Friday in a shooting in Harlem, amid an escalation in gun attacks on police in recent days.

The agents, whose identity is unknown for now, went to a home on West 135 Street for an incident of domestic violence between a mother and her son, according to police sources told ‘The New York Post’.

One of the deceased officers died by shots in the face in the shooting that occurred during the intervention, in which the suspect of opening fire on the police also died.

One of the agents was a ‘rookie’, a police officer with little experience in the force, who had entered the force a little over a year ago.

The incident broke out around six in the afternoon (midnight in Spain) on Friday and shortly after the entire the area was taken over by dozens of policemen. The two officers shot were taken to a Harlem hospital, but did not survive their injuries.

The mayor of the city, Eric Adams, went to this medical center, who that same day had been very close to there, in the Bronx, on a vigil for an eleven-month-old girl who was in critical condition after receiving a stray bullet in another firearms incident.

Adams is a former NYPD captain who won the mayoral election last year with a tough — and in contrast to other Democratic candidates like him — tough message on safety. The main US city has been experiencing a wave of attacks with firearms since the beginning of the pandemic and Adams, faced with calls for ‘police cuts’ from the Democratic left, promised to reinforce the police.

He also accepted the position on January 1 and has encountered an accumulation of incidents against those who were his colleagues. After the shooting this Friday, there are four agents who have been attacked with firearms in the exercise of their work this week alone. On Tuesday, a police officer was shot in the leg during a struggle with a teenager in the Bronx. Two days later a detective was also shot during a search of a Staten Island home on suspicion of drug trafficking.

The last time a New York police officer died in the line of duty in a shooting was in september 2019 for being shot by another colleague during a struggle with a suspect in the Bronx.

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