May 15, 2022 12:16 pm

“There is no talk of Bruno”, the song from the movie Encanto, surpassed “Libre soy”, from Frozen

Right now it’s probably being sung in Bulgarian, Danish, Vietnamese or Japanese, among the 46 languages ​​into which it was translated. The song, “Don’t talk about Bruno”, from the Disney movie Charm, is known as “Don’t mention Bruno” in Russian or “Secret Bruno” in Japanese or “Just not a word about Bruno” in German.

Recently, the song composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda became the first from the Disney studios to climb to the top of Billboard’s Streaming Songs chart. This week also reached number four on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart to become the most successful song from a Disney animated film in over 26 years (from “The colors of the wind”, by Pocahontas. in 1995) according to Billboard; and beating “Libre soy” (“Let It Go”), by Frozen, which reached fifth place, in 2014. Until now, this milestone had only been achieved in 1994’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, a song by Elton John for The Lion King; and, a year later, the aforementioned Colors of the Wind, played by Vanessa Williams for Pocahontas. Also “An Ideal World”, by Aladdin, reached the top spot in March 1993.

A scene from Disney’s animated film Enchantment

The song is also in the top 20 of Spotify’s Global Daily and Weekly Top Song charts.. The striking thing is that the theme continued to be a hit almost two months after the film’s premiere in theaters. Miranda’s creation was highly praised for the mix of musical genres it contains, from hip-hop to Cuban folk to dance music. In addition, the album with the songs of the film reached the first position of sales, in the United States, dethroning Adele.

The framework in which it takes place Charm It is in a rural area of ​​Colombia and presents the Madrigal, a magical family, whose members have special abilities… except Mirabel, the protagonist of the story. The song explains how Bruno, an outcast guy with psychic powers, has ruined the lives of several relatives with his negative prophecies..

The film was released in North American theaters on November 24 and a month later on the Disney + platform. On January 10, the company released a video for the song that incorporates the lyrics in 21 of the languages ​​in which it was recorded.. It begins in English and Spanish, and then continues in French, Hungarian, Greek, Malay, and Portuguese, among other languages. That version of the song reached more than 12 million views on YouTube in just one week. Another polyglot version of “How Far I’ll Go”, by Moana, was viewed by 10 million people on the same YouTube channel in 2016.

Director Jared Bush argued that part of the song’s appeal is that it was not literally translated into every language but instead captures the original spirit, but adapts to the language and idiosyncrasies of each country. What can be said or sung in four seconds in English cannot be said in the same amount of time in Korean or Spanish.

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