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The return of Jones Huala to the country depends on a formal request from Chile and could be delayed

Francisco Facundo Jones Huala, leader of the Mapuche Ancestral Resistance (RAM), He must wait for a formal request from the Chilean authorities to the Argentine authorities, so that his possible return to the country can be evaluated. This was explained by high-ranking sources in the Argentine Executive to The nation. Huala was released yesterday afternoon, in Temuco, Chile, after having obtained parole within the framework of a nine-year sentence that he had been serving since 2018. It was for the fire, in 2013, of a property in the Pisu Pisue field. , near Valdivia and for the illegal possession of weapons.

In the Argentine Ministry of Justice and Human Rights there is already a file in which Huala asks to serve his sentence in the country. From their defense in the neighboring country they explained to The nation that the response of the portfolio to its counterpart in Chile was awaited, in order to move forward with the possible return. However, as this newspaper learned from qualified local sources, Argentina is not obliged to respond until a formal request arrives from the Chilean authorities. After what they even emphasized that it is the Chilean justice that must initially evaluate the request, even more so considering that it established a series of requirements for Huala’s parole.

Elías Garay, the young man from the Mapuche community murdered in Cuesta del TerneroRio Negro MPF

“Until there is a demand or a formal or official request from the Chilean justice, Argentina would not be obliged to respond”, assured sources aware of the usual procedures in this type of case. After which they added that legally, based on treaties that the country subscribes, in case the request occurs, Argentina should give it course, since it is a right that belongs to Argentine citizens to serve their sentence in the country.

The figure of Jones Huala arouses different reactions in the Argentine Government. While he knew how to be defended by today’s minister, Elizabeth Gomez Alcorta, when she was not yet an official, she does not exactly enjoy the acceptance of many officials. A point that was admitted by some of them before this newspaper. Even yesterday they alluded to an incident recorded shortly after the liberation of Huala, in Mascardi, Río Negro, and which ended with two tourists injured. “Huala comes out of jail and you have hooded people on the road”slipped a government official.

In October, in the midst of the escalation of violence in Río Negro, the Government, through the Minister of Security, Hannibal Fernandez, advanced with an operation to reinforce security in the province with federal forces after a violent mapuche attack against a club in El Bolsón. And it decided to disembark troops from the National Gendarmerie, Prefecture and the Airport Security Police (PSA) in Río Negro, Chubut and Neuquén.

Yesterday, with the departure of Huala, a certain fear was revived. Even considering Huala’s warnings both from prison, where he called for revenge for the death of Elijah Garay, integrity of the Mmapuche community and murdered in November between Bariloche and El Bolsón, as he was leaving it, when he called for a boycott of companies like Benetton.

Elías Garay, the young man from the Mapuche community murdered in Cuesta del Ternero
Elías Garay, the young man from the Mapuche community murdered in Cuesta del Ternero

for now Huala will live in an address in Temuco, as confirmed by his lawyer Karina Riquelme a The nation. The lawyer explained that Huala’s request to return to the country to serve his sentence began when he was detained in Chile.

Jones Huala was convicted for the attack on the house of the caretakers inside the Fundo Pisu Pisué in Río Bueno, Los Ríos region, which occurred in January 2013, and for which the leader of the RAM movement was extradited to Chile in September 2018, after having been a fugitive for four years in Argentine Patagonia.

His extradition to Chile was confirmed by the Supreme Court of the Nation. It was in August 2018 and the then five members of the highest court voted in favor of confirming the measure. At the end of that same year, Huala was sentenced by the Chilean justice to 9 years in prison for the arson attack and also for possession of a handmade firearm.

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