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The miracle of the house in La Palma that went around the world and was ‘reborn’ after being buried by ash




Vicente Leal Jerónimo’s house in La Palma went around the world. That dwarf, white chimney, with the monster behind it roaring, remained in the retina of many, especially Vicente who she can’t help but cry when she remembers what happened to her home.

That lunar landscape, of ash dunes, had something gloomy but also beautiful -at least in the photos, where you don’t feel the pyroclasts falling and does not gasp for lack of oxygen-.

Probably for Vicente there is nothing beautiful about it, just as the volcano has not been for the clappers, not even at night, when its incandescence became manifest. and the lava fell, bright, forming rivers in slow motion.

Vicente told his story on ABC. His house in San Nicolás, the ‘Pompeya’ of La Palma, in Las Manchas de Arriba, (municipality of El Paso) is the closest to the volcano of those covered by ash (about 200 meters from the mouth). “The house now has three meters of ash on top,” Vicente calculated in November.

And it is not that now it has much fewer meters of ash but at least you can see it, not only the chimney but a large part of the roof appears. «the house is alive», tells Vicente by phone. This month a group of about 15 people was able to enter the exclusion zone and, shovel in hand, managed to remove a few meters. “Tons were moved, but it’s as if nothing had been done because there is so much ash…” sighs Vicente who, even so, admits having felt great joy when he saw that his house was standing. «It makes me happy to know that it is standing but it is also true that I have always known it, I knew it was alive, I had to pass the lava over it to take it away», narrates.

His conviction stems from the good materials (and why not, the love) that he put in the house. It is a construction of 90 square meters, two high and 7,000 of land made, among other materials, with stone masonry and wooden beams.

What he does regret is that the porch has caved in, and he crosses his fingers that the ash (and water) did not get past the concrete slab after breaking the roof tiles.

Appearance of Vicente's house after the end of the Cumbre Vieja eruption and after some 15 people have removed ash with the help of shovels
Appearance of Vicente’s house after the end of the Cumbre Vieja eruption and after some 15 people have removed ash with the help of shovels – ABC

Vicente is happy but he is not fully heard. «When I saw the roof I had a mixture of joy, surprise and anger…Joy because it is standing, surprise because I saw the fallen porch and it took a lot of effort and work to build it and, finally, I am angry because it could have been saved if it had been possible to enter the exclusion zone more often….». However, the authorities continue to insist on the danger that the volcano still has, due to its continuous degassing.

But the thread of sadness in his voice is due to the fact that Vicente has recovered his house but he cannot enter, he cannot live in it with his wife and children. And he fears, like all clappers, that after the eruption they will be forgotten.

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