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She is a fan of mayonnaise and has a brand container tattooed, but on Twitter they tell her it is fake

The National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) announced a few days ago the removal of a batch of mayonnaise from the market, unauthorized replicas of the Natura brand. To identify the originals, they warned that attention must be paid to the front image of the container. Given this, users went to social networks to comment on the subject and revived the story of a young woman who has precisely that product tattooed on her leg. As a result of that, and with a bit of humor, they wanted to know if it was inspired by a genuine one, or by a fake one.

The organism announced the prohibition of “the elaboration, fractionation and commercialization throughout the national territory of the falsified product whose label reads: Mayonnaise reduced in lipid value gluten free without tacc, brand: NATURA, fantasy name: mayonnaise with lemon juice , RNE: 19000208-9, RNPA: 19010390, VEN: 03/28/22 05 L: 07/01/21 2138 1V4″.

The tattoo artist in charge of the image indicated that she doubted it was the trout (Photo Twitter @Mi)erdita_tatt

As usual, this news was quickly replicated on Twitter. Beyond the concern about consuming an unapproved product, users did not hesitate to recall an image from 2019. This is the viral photo of a woman who showed her fanaticism for Natura mayonnaise and decided to tattoo its packaging. Seeing this now, Internet users had a doubt about whether he captured the official image or the one now marked as fake, something that was quickly dispelled.

The difference between the two products
The difference between the two products

According to research by the INAL Sanitary Inspection Department, to differentiate the two products it is necessary to look at the front of the packages. The original Natural Mayonnaise has an image of a plate with a chicken breast, a lemon and a tomato; while the false one is similar but among the products that are identified as central there are radishes, eggs and shrimp.

It is for this point that the tweeters pointed out that the tattooed woman chose the fake product. Before the commotion, a photo of the owner of the tattoo – whose Instagram user is @chubby_cabot – revealed the truth: the tattoo refers to the genuine product.

The products sent by the brand show that this image was used at that time (Instagram photo @chubby_cabot)
The products sent by the brand show that this image was used at that time (Instagram photo @chubby_cabot)

Three years ago, the young woman went viral for her fanaticism for the dressing and received a very important gift from Natura: a large batch of its products, including mayonnaise. “Thank you for this attention and recognition of my love for mayonnaise. Thank you for making the richest. I have provisions for all of 2019,” he wrote at the time.

This file photo shows that at the time the brand used the image of a plate with many vegetables around it, so it was concluded that the young woman’s tattoo is based on an original product.

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