May 14, 2022 11:47 pm

Sexual abuse: Fabián Gianola issued a statement and denounced media fraud

After numerous accusations by bullying Y sexual abuse, the actor Fabián Gianola reissued a disclaimer and He denounced media fraud against him. The statement took place after the actress Fernanda Meneses and the announcer Marcela Viviana Aguirre went to court and one day after the statements of Dallys Ferreira, who spoke of the unpleasant moment he went through in 2014.

“I lived through absolutely unpleasant situations with him. He behaved very badly with me along with another colleague who had spoken about me. I was going through a very difficult situation due to the suicide of my brother, ”explained the former participant of Dancing for a Dream in dialogue with in the afternoon (America).

Today, at the beginning of his discharge, Gianola assures: “After more than 40 years to develop a professional career with responsibility, effort, study and work, I always maintained an irreproachable conduct.”

And he continues: “Unfortunately today I am exposed to a media fraud maneuver, a crime that consists of choose a well-known personality of the artistic or business world and falsely accuse him of an unlawful conduct or join the false accusation raised by a third person, to gain notoriety”.

Throughout her message, Gianola delved into the concept of media fraud against her. “The criminal maneuver It is configured through the repeated accusation before the media, many times materialized in a scandalous way without having made a specific complaint before the Justice and taking advantage of the time that the Courts will demand to demonstrate the obvious falsity of the complaint to continue promoting media at the expense of the chosen victim”, he concluded.

This is not the first time that the actor uses his social networks to spread a message regarding the accusations that concern him. In the middle of this week, the actor returned to refer to the complaints against him on Instagram, as he had previously done through a video, and it was forceful.

I am innocent of all charges and am deeply affected for the attacks received by the media”, he wrote and named his lawyers as those authorized to speak on his behalf. “Thank you to everyone who supports me. I’m still for you,” he closed.

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