May 15, 2022 9:06 pm

Ian Alexander Jr., Regina King’s only son, died: the actress’s painful farewell message

Hollywood woke up in mourning as the son of one of the most renowned actresses in the world died at just 26 years old. The sad news of the passing of Ian Alexander Jr. was confirmed by Regina King, his mother, who asked for respect in this hard time he is going through.

Regina King’s vintage postcard with her son, Ian Alexander Jrinstagram

With a statement sent to multiple US media, King confirmed the news. “Our family is deeply devastated by the loss of Ian,” she wrote, deeply moved. He also added: “He was such a shining light who cared so deeply about the happiness of others. Our family asks for respectful consideration during this private time. Thanks”.

Although no official statement on the cause of death has yet been made, Magazine People assured that it was a suicide. This information, as mentioned in a recent article, was provided by the North American influencer Love B Scott.

Regina King never hid how hard being a single mom was for her. The Emmy winner was married for nine years to a renowned music producer and, as a result of their relationship, Ian Alexander Jr. was born. After their separation, the actress had to face the challenges of raising a child alone but, despite the difficulties , the reward was immense. The bond he developed with his son was so strong and pure that it was known in the environment that the two of them were unexpected.

Regina King's son dedicated a tender message to her on his social networks
Regina King’s son dedicated a tender message to her on his social networksinstagram

Ian Alexander Jr. not only accompanied the protagonist of Watchmen to all the red carpets but did not deprive himself of giving interviews about the love they had for each other. On one occasion, during the event prior to the Golden Globes, the young man revealed to AND! News who saw Regina King as a “super mom”. He also expressed, “She really doesn’t let bad days at work or anything come back and ruin the time we have. It’s really amazing to have a mother that I can enjoy time with”.

In his last public message addressed to her, he told her: “Having you as a mother is the greatest gift I could ask for. Being all that you are and always having the time to be there, love me and support me unconditionally is truly extraordinary. The entire Marvel universe has nothing to envy you, you are the true superhero! I love you mom! this day and every day”.

The son of actress Regina King and producer Ian Alexander Sr., he was a multi-talented artist who excelled as much when it came to preparing incredible dishes as he was behind the microphone. The young man began his career as a celebrity chef. During a conversation with Flaunt Magazine in 2021, revealed that he wanted to turn his private dining service into a prestigious restaurant.

Ian Alexander Jr was about to release his first EP
Ian Alexander Jr was about to release his first EPinstagram

But his dreams had no ceiling: In addition to expanding in the gastronomic field, King’s son also had multiple musical projects. Under the artistic pseudonym disdained, Alexander did production and recording work and also worked as a DJ. Despite the fact that, under that name, he had only published two songs -“Green Eyes” and “Work it Out”-, according to his Spotify profile, the premiere of his new EP entitled Clementine.

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