May 19, 2022 6:34 pm

First case of flurone. The boy hospitalized in Santa Fe recovers

SANTA FE.- The three-year-old boy, who became the first case of flurona in this capital and in the country, he continues to be admitted to the Children’s Hospital “Dr. Orlando Alassia”, where he receives treatment for epilepsy, in addition to Covid, and his evolution “is good”. “He does not present respiratory symptoms at the moment,” explained this afternoon the director of that hospital, Osvaldo Gonzalez Carrillo, in response to a query THE NATION.

González Carrillo insisted on pointing out that the minor, who was admitted to the hospital with a “status epilepticus with a history”, was immediately transferred to the intensive care room, where the rigorous medical studies were carried out and Covid was also detected, although he had no symptoms of any of the respiratory diseases. “The picture of Covid-19 is mild,” he had said last Thursday when announcing the case.

“To date, (the patient) has a good evolution” and “a response to the medication” provided as a central part of the treatment is being seen, he argued. Gonzalez Carrillo.

The minor was diagnosed with fluorone last week, when they detected that he was simultaneously infected with coronavirus and N2H2 influenza, as explained at the time.

In that opportunity, Gonzalez Carrillo He had explained that it was “the first case” detected in that hospital, although he had clarified that it had been “a discovery” because not all patients undergo a “complete respiratory panel”.

He also commented that the detection of coronavirus and influenza was based on these tests, since the child did not present symptoms of any of the respiratory diseases. “The picture of Covid-19 is Light. The patient was not admitted for a respiratory pathology, he was admitted for something else. What’s more, he is better than the other patients we had hospitalized for coronavirus therapy. Now he continues in a special care room, that is, in an intermediate therapy, “said the professional.

He added that the minor under 3 years of age, living with his family in this capital, has complete vaccination schedule against Covid. “But what he does not have is the flu vaccine, which was last inserted two years ago and may have contributed to his influenza. There may be more infections. What happens is that this study is very special, perhaps in another study we would not have found it. What one has to assume is that the viral load must have been low and the possibility of contagion to another is also low, “he said.

Meanwhile, and through a statement, the Ministry of Health of the Nation indicated that flurone is not a new variant and assured that “it does not represent an extraordinary situation in the context of the pandemic.”

“Given the recent spread of a case of co-infection between the SARS CoV-2 virus and the influenza virus, a combination that has also been called ‘flurona‘, the Ministry of Health of the Nation informs that does not represent an extraordinary situation in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, since it is common to see co-detections of two respiratory viruses. This does not represent the appearance of a new variant or strain of the virus that causes Covid-19 disease, “he assured.

The statement indicated that “during the past year, the prevalence of influenza coinfection among patients with Covid-19 has been estimated at 0.8%, although in the future this may vary depending on the transmission and circulation of the different respiratory viruses.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Argentina, in March 2020, they have been detected and registered in the National Health Surveillance System (SNVS) 13 co-infections with SARS-CoV-2 and influenza. Meanwhile, three other co-infections detected in the last two weeks of 2021 were influenza A H3N2 and respiratory syncytial virus, rhinovirus, and seasonal human coronavirus (HCoV-OC43), respectively.

Hours ago, Gonzalez Carrillo He referred to the situation caused by this third wave of Covid infections, especially in minors. “Most of the boys who are in the general ward are patients with Covid and the majority that we have today in intensive care are with Covid. We have 21 patients admitted to the hospital of which there are three in intensive care and three in neonatology. The rest are in the general room, most with comorbidities and with Covid. of those patients 70% are under three years old, that is, unvaccinated. And the rest, which are five patients, three were not vaccinated, one with a single dose and the other with a complete schedule. The six boys who are in intensive care are all Covid ”, he insisted.

He added: “Bed occupancy is high. We currently have two beds left. Although there is rotation. The important is that these days scheduled surgeries were suspended. Beds for mild cases were incorporated, which gives us a lung of about eight more beds,” he concluded.

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